Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2

Leopard Halloween Costume

So…has fear started creeping over you? Are chills running down your spine? Halloween night is almost here. The night when over-the-top Halloween costumes are superior to high fashion, sugar comas are encouraged, your creaky wood floors are surprisingly terrifying, and adolescent teens run rampant through the neighborhood smashing innocent pumpkins in the street. Spooky right? Yet, what is the scariest part of it all? You don’t have a Halloween costume. (Insert dramatic organ playing here.)

After months of listening to your friends plan and describe fabulous costume ideas you are sitting here, the day before Halloween, thinking your bed sheet might make you look like a pretty authentic ghost. Fear not!  It is never too late to make an impressive Halloween costume. Gather together a few materials and a basic t-shirt to make your own creative costume. Top it off with a costume pack from Michaels and you are good to go. Nightmare avoided!

Take a look at some of our quick costume ideas…


Last Minute Halloween Costumes 1

Bumble Bee CostumeLady Bug Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 3

Kitty Cat CostumeSuperhero Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 4

Devil CostumeHalloween Punk Tutu

Pick your favorite costume project and give it a try! Also, watch our Glitter & Ghouls videos to see a few of these projects being made in action.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  – Meredith


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  • Love the ideas! I’m going all tiger this year, so this helped a great deal! :)

    • Meredith

      What a cute idea! We would love to see a photo of your tiger costume. Please share it on Facebook or Instagram! :)

  • Nick

    I’m going to buy some dollhouse roofing materials, stitch them onto a shirt, and go as a guy with Shingles

  • Looks great. Leopard Halloween Costume my favorite!!