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Indoor Camping

As students, Spring Break was the only thing to look forward to between Christmas break and those sweet End-of-Year parties. Whether you were headed to day camp or looking forward to a week full of belly-floppin’ pool time, this tiny mid-year break was non-stop, free, play fun! But now, as adults, you fall into one of 3 categories:

1. Jealous and slightly bitter that adult Spring Break is not a widely observed holiday.

2. Lucky, in that you were able to align “family vacation” with Spring Break and are laughing at this while you sip your fancy umbrella drink on the beach.

3. Racking your mind for ideas to keep your kids from driving you even further insane (and it’s only Spring Break Day 3).

So, for all of you that fall under #3, here’s a fun activity for you to do with your kiddos.

Indoor Camping

Host an indoor campout for your littles and their friends that’s full of engaging activities all in the comfort of your own home!


First off, a campout is not a campout unless it has a campfire, right? This campfire is child-proof and crafted from empty paper towel tubes, foam and tissue paper.


But just in case your fire goes out (impossible), you’ll need these glowing camper lanterns. They’ll come in handy during spooky story time.


This matching game is a great opportunity to help the kids learn animal tracks. Do I see a Bigfoot print in there?


Everyone loves a puppet show. Let them use their creativity to craft felt puppets on sticks and put on a show for their guests. You can craft a theater stage out of a presentation board and paint it to match your play’s theme. The best part of this project is hearing the wild stories that your kids can come up with using their imaginations!

How are you staying busy during Spring Break?



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