Get Festive for 4th of July With a DIY From iLoveToCreate

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Summer is kicking into high gear and the 4th of July is right around the corner!  Sounds like the perfect time for a DIY project to us.  Get in the red, white, and blue spirit and make this fun flag tee.  It’s the perfect patriotic look to rock while watching fireworks. Here’s how you make it!


What you need:

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color in Blue and Red

– White 100% cotton prewashed tank

– Masking tape

– Foam star stickers

– Posterboard

– Paper towels

1) insert paper towels

1. In a well-ventilated area, lay down your shirt on the posterboard and insert paper towels inside the tank.  This will keep the paint from seeping to the back of the shirt.

2) place stars and stripes

2. Tape off the top left side of your design as shown and lay down the foam stickers randomly onto left side of shirt.

3) place down paper towels

3. Lift up part of the tape you just placed and tuck paper towels under and secure.  Since we are spraying the top left portion blue, the paper towels are there to catch any over-spray.

4 spray Colorshot

4. Shake your can of blue ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and spray from a 45 degree angle.  Spray one light coat then let it dry. Go back over with a second coat and let that section dry.

5) remove stars and tape

5. Carefully remove foam stickers and peel up the tape and paper towels.

6 cover up section

6. Use paper towels to cover the section you just sprayed and tape in place.

7) add tape stripes

7. Tape off stripes horizontally on shirt.

8 spray Colorshot

8. Spray one light coat of red Tulip ColorShot then let it dry. Repeat with second coat; let dry.

9 remove tape

9. Carefully peel off tape to reveal stripe design.

10 rest of tape and towels

Finish by removing paper towel from stars area.  Let dry for 30 minutes before removing from posterboard. And FYI, the tank can be washed after 24 hours with mild detergent on gentle cycle.



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