How to Custom Frame Your Artwork

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Hello everyone, I’m Lucy from Craftberry Bush.

I recently painted a large watercolor piece to reside over our mantel and decided to take a trip to my local Michaels to have it custom framed. I have never had any of my work custom framed before, but having now experienced the process and seeing the final results, I’m hooked and will undoubtedly have a few more pieces professionally framed.


It’s a fairly large piece, but I love how much impact it has in our family room.


I thought it might be fun to share some of the process, should you ever consider having your work custom framed at Michaelsmichaelsframing-6

To begin, Michaels has a plethora of frames to choose from. At first, it can appear a little overwhelming as the selection is vast, but the frames are cleverly separated by different decor styles. As they are continually adding to the options to ensure recent/changing trends are represented, there really is something to accommodate everyone’s style. The frame I chose was crafted by Michaels own designers.


When you bring your piece into the framing studio, the very knowledgeable representatives put on their fancy white gloves to avoid any oils transferring onto your piece. They then offer assistance with the selection of matting according to what you like and what coordinates best with your piece. The possibilities are endless, but they make it easy for you by talking through the process, helping to eliminate options and narrow down the choices.


Once you’re happy with the matting choice, the piece is placed directly under an overhead camera, which then projects the image onto a computer screen.


The projection includes the matting and framing choices you have selected, providing a really great idea of what the end result will look like. To me, this is genius as I sometimes find it difficult to visualize the final piece.


All of the matting is completed on the premises and is ready for pick up in 10-14 business days.


They also have a frame express service for those who may not want to go through the selection process, but simply have their piece inserted into already made frames available in the store.


A nice touch for me is the no-glare glass as I find it challenging to take photos of framed art due to the glare. As you can see, you can’t even tell that there’s glass over it.



I love the final piece and hope it will be treasured and passed from generation to generation.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Have a great day!


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  • I love this piece. I wish I had a mantle to put it on or even a wall but, unfortunately, I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment..Hmm, Might be time for a change of the pictures this year :) Can you please tell me what size this is?

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