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valentine's day brunch

It seems the moment that the holidays are over, signs of Cupid begin to pop up everywhere. Pink, red, hearts, candy, hugs, kisses … LOVE is in the air. This is wonderful for those that are happy in blissful la-la-land, but then there are those of us that reside in Singletown, population: 1.

So, instead of being bitter about spending Valentine’s Day without a boo, I rally ’round my girl friends and make the best of it. This year, I am dreaming up the most dainty and darling Valentin’es Day brunch to celebrate LOVE, in all its form.


To get started, send out an invitation. Making it yourself is just one more way to show your love, and they’re super easy to create! Setting the scene for your brunch party doesn’t have to stress you out. Simple florals and love-filled artwork can take your space from boring to beauty in no time.


Short on vases? Transform basic jars into gilded and glittered vases with spray paint, Mod Podge® & glitter. Here’s a tip: use a variety of jars for an eclectic look & varying heights!

Now, for the important part: FOOD. If you’re anything like me, brunch is the way to your heart. It’s the best of both worlds and it makes drinking champagne & eating cake before 2pm perfectly acceptable.

valentine's day brunchpancakescake

Whipping up a sweet spread doesn’t have to equal hours in the kitchen. Mold cinnamon rolls into a heart-shaped pan to create a Cinnamon Roll Sweetheart. Stack those pancakes to the sky, add fresh berries & a dusting of powdered sugar. And, I love the aqua frosting on this Pink Velvet Cake; it’s the perfect pop of color.


Of course, brunch doesn’t come without bubbly. There’s nothing that I love more than gold, glitter & champagne. So this Embellished Champagne Bottle is a no-brainer. Plus, it’s so easy to make, I’m pretty sure I’ll bring one to every party I attend this year!


Gold Champagne Glasses set the mood and just take a little metallic paint. Dress them up a little more with Wine Charms that are sweet, but edgy.

Last, and most importantly, don’t forget the laughs. Take the time to show your friends how much they mean to you and cherish these friendships that will last a lifetime.

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  • looks so….sweet!

  • Tammy Perigo

    This is a lovely idea, should go a few steps farther and step up the plates and personalize them. Get out your sharpes and write a poem or something personal to those loved ones. Place them in the oven on 250 for fourth five minutes and just like that you have made something special.the jars if you don’t like gold, you can glass etch them with beautiful roses!!

    • Jillian

      Love those ideas Tammy!

  • Linda

    I gave a Valentines Day party one year just for me and all my single gal pals, boy did we have FUN! Each friend brought a dish to share, I provided chocolate truffles, champagne with Chambord (raspberry liquer)!! We had a fun dinner, played a game, then settled down to watch the “ultimate chick flick” SHIRLEY VALENTINE!!! Try it, its a lot of fun, and your friends will be so happy that they too have something fun to do on this “day of love” even though they are single!!

    • Jillian

      That sounds like SO much fun Linda!

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