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To say something is a ‘trend’ implies that an increasing number of people are getting involved in it. If this is the case, then YES, my friends – planning most certainly is a trend…

Hi, fellow planner babes! I am Amanda Zampelli, the Social Media Coordinator for me & my BIG ideas, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on this planning ‘trend’.


The Happy Planner is a disc-bound planning system that combines creativity with organization.  This combination is what I believe is at the core of why planning has become so popular.  Crafters have always had the desire to express themselves and be creative, but by using a planner as a template in which to do so, their creativity can then become functional, and aid in organization and productivity.


Being a person who has used a planner for many many years, I can attest to how truly amazing this system is. I have one for daily tasks and running To-Do lists – to use as an actual planner and help me get things done. I fill this one in before the day/week/month has come, to help me prepare for the future.  I have another planner that I add photos to and use strictly for memory keeping. This one I fill in after the fact, to help me remember what’s past.


Because of the discs used to bind the planner, every page is removable. With mambi’s recent addition of The Happy Planner Punch, adding paper items to your planner is also an option! Take pages out, add pages in…the possibilities truly are endless, and the customization goes as far as your imagination & scrapbooking stash.06-discs

I love that my planner comes with inspirational quotes, bright colors, and trendy designs. Each design element – from the gold foil treatments to the signature discs with the heart-cutouts – is meant to make its owner feel happy.


My final comment on why I think the ‘planner trend’ is growing – is because it feels like a club anyone can be a member of. Not only is Planning is a movement because it’s the object connecting thousands of women all over the globe. We are a community. We are a squad. We have the chance to inspire and be inspired to live creatively and plan a happy life.

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  • Whitney

    I love the Happy planner!

  • Nikita

    Love this planner! For 2017, do you know if we are able to buy the pages or would we have to buy the entire planner again?

    • Hi Nikita,
      You can buy expansion packs with updated months.

  • Chrissy Rowe

    I have recently found MAMBI and can not WAIT until my planner comes in the mail. (I already have the Recipe organizer and am in love with it!) I was wondering, is there a way to purchase additional pages for the Home Organizer expansion pack to continue with it or do you have to continually purchase the entire expansion pack each time you need more?

    • Hi Chrissy,
      Unfortunately we do not sell additional pages for the Home Organizer expansion pack. Happy Planning!

  • yvonne Cosby

    I had originally purchased a Kikki K , to my dismay the pages are super thin.. when I came accross the Happy Planner I was sold instantly, not only is it affordable, the quotes are beautiful too. There are so many was to decorate that My daughter is now a planner as well as my ten year granddaughter! Amazing Love love love!!!

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