Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts from Around the Office

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Nothing says “I Love You Mom” like something handmade.  No amount of flowers or sparkly jewelry will ever beat a hand-crafted gift in my book. There’s just something about tiny smudged hand prints that melt my heart. Our office is full of crafty people, but what’s even better is that creativity runs in their families! We gathered up just a few Mother’s Day gifts that were proudly displayed on office walls here at Michaels HQ. Get your tissues ready!

Custom Framed Footprints + PoemAllison

“A special gift from my nanny, on my second Mother’s Day, of my daughter’s foot prints along with a handwritten William Yates poem.” – Allison, Director of Social Media & Public Relations

Thumbprint CoasterDebbie

“My son, Zachary’s 1st Grade teacher helped her students create this in class.  Last year, I was so surprised to receive such a thoughtful gift that I will always cherish because it has not only his thumb print all around it but he is holding a sign that he personally wrote about why he loves me.” – Debbie, Manager of Education Programs

Mom String ArtToni

“Made by son #2, Anthony, when he was in 4th grade (9 years old)…he’s now 24. I continue to display it every Mother’s Day.  One of my favorites!” – Toni, Administrative Assistant

Framed Photo CollageJulian

“I made this photo collage for my wife 2 years ago after hosting a mini photoshoot with my children in order to show “Mommy” how much they love her. This has become a tradition now and she looks forward to a new collage every year.” – Julian, Digital Designer & Photographer

Handprint Family TreeRebekah

“My 3 kids (Jack, Luke, Kate) made this for Mother’s Day for my Mom (their grandma), last year.  You can’t beat a handprint craft for Mother’s Day!” – Rebekah, VP of Customer Education & Projects

And last, but not least, this one is mine:

Quilled Baby FeetJillian

This is my first year as a mama, so while I did not receive this as a Mother’s Day gift, sweet fellow author Jen made this keepsake for me upon my return from maternity leave.

Have you handcrafted any gifts for your Mother? Or perhaps had one made for you? We would LOVE to see them. Share on social media using #MadeWithMichaels!


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