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During World War II, paracord was first used to connect paratroopers to their parachutes. Nowadays, it’s used to do things like secure tents, make tourniquets and hoist food into the trees for safe keeping. The inner strands of paracord can be used as sewing thread, fishing line and even dental floss.

In addition to its more practical uses, paracord is also great for arts and crafts.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple cobra knot dog collar using paracord.

Here’s how you get started:


Step 1: Measure Neck


Measure your dog’s neck. Plan on one foot of paracord for every inch of collar.

If you decide to do a two-tone collar, you’ll need half the amount of each color. So, if you were to do a 16 inch collar, you would need 8 feet of each color. Then, you must fuse the two together with a lighter.

Step 2: Add Buckle


Slide the two ends of cord through the buckle and pull through the loop at the end of your cord.

Step 3: Measure Collar


Now, slide both ends through the other half of your buckle and adjust the length of your collar. It is from this end that you will begin your pattern sequence.

Step 4: Cross Pattern Sequence


Follow the alternating steps (pictured above), and repeat until you’ve almost reach the end of your collar.

TIP: You may want to secure your project with tape while working on it.

Step 5: Work in D-ring


Place the D-ring in between your two inner threads of cord, and continue with your cross pattern sequence.

Once you’ve come to the end of your collar, trim the ends and fuse together with a lighter.


It’s that doggone easy!

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  • Ruth Rivas

    Love it! Got to make it for my pet vendor.

  • Such an easy craft to do with the kids this weekend, thanks for sharing!

  • Florence Wilson

    Love it! Got to make it for my pet,now this is a age of science so the dog collar are also advanced.Squeaker is providing advanced technology LED light up collars.

  • GordonH

    I’m just getting into this, making dog leads and wanting to do collars.

    I’ve a concern over this collar. The cobra knot depends entirely on the two cord core for its strength. Normally I’m sure 1,100 lbs breaking strain is strong enough for a collar but this one has the two cords welded together right on the buckle.

    Is the join as strong as the original cord?


    • jonathan kennedy

      Its slightly stronger than the original

      • Karen

        How have you determined that result?

      • David Chandler

        I wouldn’t count on it though. The better option would be to move the connection to the midpoint of the collar so that it’s reinforced by the other core strand and the square knots.

  • jonathan kennedy

    I used glow in the dark paracord works really well for when i take my dogs to the beach

    • That’s great! We’d love to see your creations Jonathan.

      • jonathan kennedy

        It was a good collar but i wouldn’t recomend it as the glow in the dark rope isn’t designed to be used with a lot of force (well at least the brand i used) it was more a saftey collar so i would have 2 collars on my dog.