Guy DIY: Freezer Paper Stencil Tee

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When I think of Michaels, I think of things like scrapbooking and jewelry making. Sure, Michaels has tons of inspiring products and project ideas, but not a lot of them are geared toward men. Guy DIY was developed specifically with guys in mind. Each month, we’ll offer up new “guy-inspired” DIY ideas that you can take and make your own. We’ll also offer step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process … and we promise to choose projects that aren’t too “girly” or terribly difficult to create.

For my first official Guy DIY project I decided to do a Freezer Paper Stencil Tee. Mostly because it’s really easy, and you can stencil just about any image you like. I chose to stencil a jackalope because I think they’re pretty awesome. You can stencil dinosaurs, zombies, your favorite super hero, a killer logo for your fantasy football team … anything you want!

Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

Freezer Paper Stencil Tee

Step 1: Choose a T-shirt.

You can use a recycled T-shirt or find a new one in the Apparel Crafting Section at Michaels.

Step 2: Print and cut out your image.

Place the image under freezer paper and cut it out with an X-ACTO® knife. Use the image printout as your guide. You may want to tape down the sides so your stencil doesn’t slip.

Jackalope Cut Out Your Stencil

Tip: Freezer paper can be found in any supermarket next to the aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Make sure you get freezer paper. Wax paper will not work for this project.

Step 3: Lay your T-shirt on the ironing board and iron on your stencil.

Jackalope T-Shirt Iron On

Lightly iron your freezer paper stencil onto to the T-shirt with a hot, dry iron. Make sure the shiny side is down to ensure that the stencil sticks to the fabric.

Step 4: Spray on your fabric paint.

Try and spray on paint evenly to ensure consistent coverage. We used Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™, but any fabric paint will do.

Fabric Spray Stencil

Step 5: Let the paint dry, then peel off the stencil.

Note: Your stencil Tee will take on more of a distressed look as you wash it.

Jackalope T-Shirt


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