Floral 101: Tips on Arranging Spring Blooms

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floral-101-1There is nothing like a beautiful selection of flowers to help add cheer to a dreary day. Now that spring is getting closer and closer, I can’t wait to welcome the season by filling vases with flowers. It is such a simple way to add a colorful accent to any space. If warmer weather is still a month or two away in your part of the world, you can always bring the beauty of spring indoors and create your own floral arrangement with our selection of spring stems.


The photos above feature a selection of the beautiful flowers and stems available in our stores. Ready for a lesson in Floral 101? Here are three basic flower arranging tips to help you get started…

1. A Strong Foundation

Start building your arrangement by placing four or five of your strongest stems in your vase. This will help build the basic structure of the arrangement.The Lonicera Leaf Spray, Pussy Willow, and succulent stems are great examples of stems to use for creating your foundation.

2. Pick Your “Stars”

Place your larger blooms (like peonies, hydrangeas, and large roses) among the stems. Try to place the “stars” a little off center and more toward the edge of the arrangement for a natural look.

3. Fill It In

After the foundation and larger flowers are in place, begin filling in the arrangement with floral elements like berries and smaller blooms. The Kate Rose is a great example of a small floral stem that adds the perfect finishing touch to an arrangement.

Did you know that there is a deeper meaning associated with most flowers? Here are few of the special meanings connected to the blooms above to help you create a custom and sentimental arrangement!

Daisy – Innocence
Heather – Solitude
Peony – Healing
Calla Lily – Regal
Hydrangea – Perseverance
Ranunculus – Radiant
Red Rose – Passionate Love
Pink Rose – Friendship
Dahlia – Dignity

Stop by our floral department, pick a selection of blooms, and get started on a spring bouquet that fits your unique taste and personality!

Do you have experience with floral arrangements? Please share your advice, tips, and questions in the comments below!



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  • I start my floral wreath by using a medium sized grapevine wreath. I then wrap green stemming wire around the entire wreath to hold the grape vines in place, so that the vines are not poking out. Also be sure to trim or tie down any grapevines that are poking out so as to not cut your fingers while you work. I find that using the grapevine wreath, along with the stemming wire is helpful when placing flower stems into the wreath, and it also holds them in place tightly. Next I choose my color. I like to start with a deeper shade for my “foundation”, and I place them onto the outside 4 corners of the wreath. Peony, Dahlia and Hyrdrandrea work well as foundation pieces, but may need to be cut in half. So for example, if I want a green shaded wreath, I’ll start with 4 emerald colored hyrdrandreas, or a similar LARGE flower, and place 1 on each 4 sides. Next, I go with a smaller, lighter shade of green to be placed in front of the emerald colored flower. And continue this until I get to the middle of the wreath. Here’s where I like my wreath to “pop” a little! I’ll use smaller, different colors to give my wreath character. So for example, if I am working with a green shade, I’ll put yellow, cream colored, or pink smaller blooms toward the middle of the wreath. These smaller blooms most definitely should be placed mixed together: such as pink mixed with yellow. I find this very eye catching, and have got many compliments on my wreaths. You will be surprised how simple this is, and fun too!

  • Mark

    Please tell me what the name of the product that looks like water in a glass vase, BUT, is really a HARD substance that does NOT move or let the artificial flowers move .

    Does MICHAELS carrry such a product?
    THank you

    • Jillian

      Michaels does have that product Mark; it’s called Quick Water and you can find it in the floral accessories section of your local store.