February Trend // Handwritten

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February Trend // Handwriting

Write this down:

Our words have power. The power to uplift, encourage and inspire. These projects were created to be reminders of the good around us and how taking the time to create a handmade piece that features your own handwriting can mean something extra special to the recipient. It is thrilling to see a resurgence of people interested in calligraphy and an entire genre of art that is focused on typography. I am particularly fond of artwork featuring a simple word or quote that just brightens your day. Say it with watercolor on paper, express yourself on a t-shirt, or make it known on a plaque that hangs on your wall. Your thoughts matter and we are here to help you get it out!

February Trend // Handwriting

1.  Handwritten Gold Leaf Canvas

2. You Are My Sunshine Plaque

3. Words Tote Bag

4. Believe in Yourself T-Shirt

5. Handwritten Watercolor Art

Whether you write like an angel or you have been known to scribble down chicken scratch, it’s never too late to develop your penmanship… or you could just print off a lovely font and trace it :)

– Sara, Trend Expert

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  • maggie batiste

    Do you support any crafting for charity? If so what projects do you support?

  • I’m in Michigan and didn’t hear about or even find anyone doing that whole ‘Hometalk & Michaels Pinterest’ thing a couple Sunday’s ago. Isn’t their enough interest for that to go on in Michigan? Connie