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Merriweather Council

We are constantly inspired by the creative community of Etsy sellers who fuel the handmade movement. It is an honor to provide the tools necessary for entrepreneurs across the country to sell their unique creations. This month we are starting a new series featuring interviews with successful Etsy sellers, sharing their tips on starting an Etsy shop and some of their favorite Michaels products. Let’s get started the with lovely and talented Merriweather Council!

Hi Danielle! Please tell us a little bit about your Etsy shop and your embroidered creations.

My name is Danielle Spurge-Swavely and I am a 25 year old artist and maker. I specialize in custom hand embroidery with an emphasis on stitched text and letter forms.

When did you decide to start selling your embroidery on Etsy?

I first started selling my work on Etsy after I graduated from college in 2010. I had planned to further my studies in studio art in a masters program but my plan fell through at the last minute and while this was a “plan b” I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

What are some of your favorite products from Michaels that helped you set up your Etsy shop?

Michaels has always been a go-to for some staple items such as embroidery floss, adhesives, and scissors. I have found quite a few items from “other” departments that have contributed in one way or another to my business, from frames, displays, tissue paper, ribbon, scrapbook materials and props.

What products to you use for your everyday business needs? Thread? Shipping materials?

My projects require very few materials actually! I use hoops, fabrics, and threads primarily. In an average week I probably use a yard or two of fabric, a handful of hoops, and at least 30 different color threads. Shipping materials are my least favorite but of course I need them and use them quite a bit!







Do you have any advice for fellow creatives feeling inspired to start their own Etsy shop this year?

Whenever people ask me for advice, I tell them to just go for it. A clearer idea of how it all works and what each person can do with the platform can only arise through trying it out. I have personally been amazed at the opportunities being on Etsy has brought me and my shop! I think people feel intimidated at first, but sticking with it and riding out the first few awkward steps are critical and it will all make sense over time.

Thank you so much for sharing your advice, Danielle!

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(images courtesy of The Merriweather Council)

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