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I am so excited to welcome another talented Etsy shop owner to the blog this month! Today we are chatting with the lovely Kim (pictured below) and learning a little bit more about her handmade creations. She sells a beautiful selection of wedding hair crowns, bridal accessories, and embroidered decor in her shop Kim Art. I recently talked to Kim about her inspirations and how she started her Etsy shop…

Hi Kim! Please tell us a little bit about your Etsy shop and your handmade creations.

I started my Etsy shop when I was a college freshman in 2009, as a creative outlet.  I actually started out making handmade cards. I am also a painter but do not sell my paintings on Etsy. Since then, my shop has evolved to incorporate fabrics, florals & more wedding oriented products. I have finally found my “niche” and couldn’t be happier!

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When did you decide to start selling your floral and embroidered creations on Etsy?

I started making embroidery ornaments in 2010. I was just dabbling at first, and now I like to experiment more with paint and adding mixed media elements to my embroidery art. My floral creations began with making flower hair pins out of various types of fabric sometime in 2010. I still make them but I really enjoy making hair wreaths now for weddings, which I started in 2013!

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What are some of your favorite products from Michaels that helped you set up your Etsy shop?

Where can I begin! Hoops, embroidery floss, paint and of course the floral goodies! Thankfully I live within a 5 minute walking distance from a Michaels store :)

What products to you use for your everyday business needs?

Every day I use floral arrangement items, such as twine and silk flowers. Of course shipping items are used every time I make a sale; many of my pretty wrapping supplies are purchased at Michaels!

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What is your most memorable moment from your time selling on Etsy?

My most memorable moment selling on Etsy was when I was asked to make 4 completely handmade satin flower bouquets for a bride in Australia! I was completely enamored and happy to have my work play such a large role in a bride’s most important day.

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Do you have any advice for fellow creatives feeling inspired to start their own Etsy shop? Can you recommend any Michaels products that might help them get started?

I would suggest to try everything – I have made & sold everything under the sun. Opening your own shop should be something fun, something you look forward to working on every day (or mostly every day if you have a “day job” like I do).  I would highly recommend dabbling in paint, canvas and thread – both of these items are very affordable and readily available at any Michaels store.

Ideally I wish I could run my small business full time. I feel happiest when I am able to let my creative thoughts flow. I love weddings and it really is the biggest honor to have my work be a part of someone else’s special day!

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Thank you so much for sharing, Kim!

If you would like to visit Kim around the internet, you can find her here…




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  • Congratulations on being featured, Kim! I have a young Etsy shop, and love hearing how other sellers got started and how they’re making their shops grow.