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I don’t know how it is for you, but dressing up for Halloween has turned into serious, and I mean serious business at our house.  Long gone are the days when we could plop our little ones into a store-bought bat or spider costume.  This year, they had very definite opinions on their trick-or-treating garb.  Thus, my husband is building the boy his very own rocket-powered suit of armor, which apparently necessitates one, maybe two, metric tons of EVA foam tiles piled on and around our kitchen table (along with one vat of contact cement, a really good X-ACTO® blade and a remarkably resilient cutting mat).  My daughter’s costume is a little easier, insofar as I only have to pounce two hundred or so black fabric paint spots onto her red bodysuit and mask, and then locate the appropriate ladybug-themed accoutrements.  They love it, and we love it, too, but it’s a lot of work!

With all of our costume planning and building, it’s a relief to be able to whip up one or two super-easy pumpkin projects on the side.  I couldn’t resist making these adorable emoji pumpkins because they make me smile whenever I see them, and they are truly about as low effort as you can get.

Emoji Pumpkins

First of all, these little guys are made with craft pumpkins, the most lovable pumpkins in the world.  Oh, craft pumpkins, you never rot or melt or get munched on by the neighborhood squirrels.  Even better, on November 1st I can throw you into a storage tub, where you’ll wait patiently for next year’s festivities.

Secondly, a pre-made template means I don’t need to measure and draw little face bits – just print out a page or two, and I’m ready to go.

Adhesive foam sheets save me from having to dig out glue and wait for it to dry.  All I need to do is peel and stick!

And, finally, Krylon Short Cuts are genius, because little bitty cans of spray paint equal zero giant half-filled cans of spray paint loitering around the house, taking up space that I could be using for craft pumpkins.

I enjoyed making these pumpkins, and I think you should try them, too!  Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need, but you should feel free to mix and match sizes and colors to make exactly what you like.  Remember that these patterns will work for any size pumpkins, you may just want to re-size them a bit before printing them out.



Paint Pumpkins with Krylon Short Cuts

First, you’ll spray paint your pumpkins yellow.  Be sure to work in a well-ventilated space and follow all the directions on the paint can.

Don't forget to paint the bottoms!

Spray the pumpkins lightly and let them dry, then flip them stem side-down so you can coat the bottoms as well.

Next, print out the emoji templates and pick your favorites.  At this point, you have two options for tracing.  One is easy, and the other is easier.

Adhesive Foam

The first, easy option is to cut out the template pieces and trace them directly onto the paper that backs the adhesive foam.

Use Graphite Paper for Easy Tracing

Alternately you can use my secret weapon in the war against tracing things – graphite paper.  I buy a package of this miraculous substance every year or so; it lasts forever and it’s a fabulous time-saver.  Just put a layer of the graphite paper, matte side down, on top of the adhesive foam’s paper backing.  Then place the template on top of that.  Hold it in place with a little masking tape, if you’ve got it, and trace away!

Graphite Tracing Paper

The graphite paper allows you to transfer the pattern directly to the paper backing.

Cut Our Your Emoji Design

Once you’ve transferred the patterns, go ahead and cut out the pieces of adhesive foam.

Peel Off the Paper Backing and Stick it On

Now, all you have to do is stick the foam pieces onto the pumpkin!  And, here’s a tip – sometimes I find that the larger pieces, like glitter heart eyes, need to be trained to stick flat against the pumpkin.  When that happens, I just lightly tack them down overnight with a little masking tape, and they’re properly stuck by morning time.

All the Heart Eyes!

I hope you’ll give these little beauties a spin!  If you do, be sure to post them on Instagram and tag us using #MakeItWithMichaels.  We’d love to see what you’ve made!



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