Maker Tips for Creating a Bunny-Approved Easter Tablescape

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Creating a beautiful Easter tablescape doesn’t have to be daunting. Michaels has everything you need to pull it off! To help, we’ve gathered 5 simple Maker tips to help you create an eye-catching Easter display that is sure to wow your guests. Easter Tablescape

1. Use Varying Heights

Use items of varying heights to create a visually appealing tablescape. A good rule of thumb is to start with a few larger pieces of graduated heights and then fill in the spaces with smaller décor items like the metallic eggs and baby chicks seen below.Vintage Easter Tablescape

Here we’ve created various heights with the Greenery Pedestal Arrangements. First, flip basswood canvas boards over and glue them to different size candlesticks. We painted them a neutral gray that allows the décor to shine and then added detail on the edges with a gold paint pen. Add a greenery mat inside the board and then top with sweet floral blooms, gilded eggs or a foiled bunny!

2. Mix Ready-Made Décor with DIY

candy buffet

Mixing pre-made with handmade makes a unique and one-of-a-kind display. Make a beautiful dessert buffet by mixing a little DIY with ready-made décor pieces for a set up that is any bunny would approve.  Easter Candy Pedestals

These simple, colorful Easter Candy Pedestals are just two products glued together: cute candy jars atop wooden candlesticks. Not only are they fun candy vessels, they also help you create varied heights as mentioned up above!

Ribbon Embellished Cookie Basket

Putting your signature touch on a pre-made décor piece is really very simple! It’s as easy as weaving a grosgrain ribbon through a colorful berry basket. Just add a parchment paper liner for a simple and sweet Cookie Basket.

3. Choose Transitional Décor  Natural Easter Scene

When adding new décor pieces to your home around holidays, choose color palettes that extend throughout the season like this Natural Floral Arrangement. Soft blush pinks and organic arrangements are key trends this year; which means this arrangement will stay fresh far past the Easter holiday.

Natural Floral Arrangement

Free flowing organic blooms like roses and peonies that are arranged loosely play with multiple textures such as smooth eucalyptus and feathered blooms.

Maker tip: place your largest florals first and then fill in the spaces with foliage and smaller flowers like baby’s breath sprays.

4. Use Floral Bushes

Peony and Tulip Floral Arrangement

Floral bushes are a great value. Multiple floral blooms per bush add volume when complementing single floral stems. This arrangement is made up of one cream peony bush that was fluffed to make a base for the stems. We then added pops of color with a few yellow tulips, pink peonies and a purple mini flower stem.

5. Little DIYs Go a Long Way

Easter Bunny Stamped Napkins

Even if you’re pressed for time between preparing the house and juggling the menu, a little DIY project can make a big statement. These Easter Bunny Stamped Napkins are simple to make in under an hour. The napkins are cut from a mini fabric bolt, and then the edges are fringed simply by pulling out the threads – no sewing required! The best ink to use is StazOn® as it will last through the wash.

Maker tip: Practice stamping on a scrap sheet of paper first to get a feel for the appropriate amount of ink and pressure needed.

Mercury Glass Egg Place Card

For a finishing touch, customize place settings for your guest by adding fresh herbs to finished décor pieces like these Mercury Glass Egg Place Cards. It not only adds an organic look and feel, but gets your guest excited for the meal to come.

What are your go-to decorating tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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