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Today we have a very special guest post from Kari who blogs at U Create where she encourages “U” to create by providing tutorials, patterns, craft tips, and endless inspiration.

My favorite trend in the craft industry right now is definitely “planners” – they are EVERYWHERE.  I have to say at first I didn’t understand the hype and wondered why people didn’t just use their cell phone apps and calendars, but after chatting with My Planner Envy, I understand it completely and now I’m hooked! She told me how her readers are using this as another “creative outlet” and even use them like a scrapbook or journal.

I was surprised to see all of the different sizes, themes, and accessories for the planners, too!  Well, today I’m teaming up with Jessica at My Planner Envy to bring you two different DIY accessories that can spice up your planners!

DIY Planner Tassel




  Directions: tassel-tutorial

  1. Wrap the DMC floss around chipboard or thin cardboard to desired length of tassel (we used 5” piece).


  • Slide off cardboard and cut loop.



  • Thread one end of floss into the jump ring and place jump ring in the middle of tassel.tassel-diy-steps



4. Grab a different color (or same color) and wrap around the top of the tassel to secure it, thread the floss and hide inside the tassel. 5. Comb the tassel to even out and trim edges. tassel-clip Now you have a fun, bright tassel that also works great as a bookmark to save your place!

DIY Interchangeable Planner Charms

planner-charms-tutorial Supplies:











  1. Cut chain to desired length. (Tip: cut to the size of your wrist as a bracelet so you can wear it, too!)
  2. Add a lobster clasp to each jump ring and charm.
  3. Lay out your design and the order you want the charms placed evenly. Attach to chain.
  4. Find secure place to attach your chain to the planner. We went right up the center of the top ring on The Happy Planner.
  5. Attach with findings and lobster clasp.

Use as a decoration for the outside, a marking place, and of course a bracelet for you to wear! The charms are super easy to interchange, too!


Are you jumping onto the planner bandwagon? Show off your DIY planner accessories on Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels!



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  • Linda Kay Murphy

    Really like these simple but creative accessories, thank you for posting them.

  • Jo Ann Sauceda Johnson

    I bought my first Happy Planner Michaels, and I love it! !!! I’m addicted to planner supplies lol