DIY Outdoor Party Ideas

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Spring is in full swing, the temperatures are warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom, it’s the perfect time of year to entertain outdoors. Parties on the patio are some of my favorite. Whether you’re planning a lovely spring brunch or family BBQ, you can really set the scene for your outdoor soirée with just a few DIY touches. hero


One of the quickest ways to enhance your outdoor dining experience is to add lights! Cafe lights, Edison bulbs and even lighted branches can all make a huge impact. IRC02324-80549

Weave string lights through a premade garland and drape it down your table for a subtle, yet earthy centerpiece.

Another similar idea is to use lighted branches and LED candles to create a focal point on your table.

Wrap an LED candle with a lighted rope and place on a charger for a simple centerpiece that is warm and inviting.

Lanterns are classic pieces that you can use in many ways. Add LED candles and simple garlands to add a bit of ambiance to your party.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great container to always have on hand. Not only do they make the perfect rustic beverage vessel, but they also double as cute too. Dip the rim in sugar for a tasty lemonade or tie a little twine around the top for extra details.



When all else fails, add floral! Seriously, if you’re down to the wire trying to prepare your home for guests, the simplest way to add a little hospitality to your space is by adding a floral arrangement. floral-containers

Mason jars make great vases! Add a little ribbon or lace to match your party theme.succulent

These colorful containers are perfect for succulents and greenery. Make smaller arrangements to pepper throughout your tablescape instead of one large arrangement.

In addition to all of these ideas, ready made décor is a great way to enhance your party space too. Relocate décor pieces from within your home for the sake of the party and no one will know! Are you planning any outdoor parties this spring? How are you decorating?

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