Creative Spotlight: Kathy Kromer

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In this installment of our Creative Spotlight we’ve interviewed our own Creative Designer, Kathy Kromer. Her painted hearts are the inspiration we need as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Name: Kathy Kromer

Title: Creative Designer at Michaels

Kathy is an Artist, Crafter, Teacher and Life-long Student of the Arts. When she is not busy creating, you can find Kathy spending time with her friends, family and her wonderful dog named Shirley.


How long have you been working at Michaels? I’ve been at Michaels for eleven years.

What’s your job like? What exactly does a Creative Designer do? At Michaels, we have buyers that purchase products for their categories. It’s our job to take those products, design a concept using creative ideas, and turn them into something inspirational for our customer. That’s our goal.

Do you have a current art or craft obsession? My obsession is painting, always painting.

Are you also a customer of Michaels? What do you look for in the store? I look for good deals on canvas and sales on fine art paint. I love stencils and scrapbook paper, and try to and incorporate those into my work.


Tell us something about your creative work that almost no one knows. I didn’t start painting until I was in my thirties and took lessons for decorative painting. I got a little tired of that, so I went to the library and would read something like twenty books every day. I read and studied books about artists like Matisse and Picasso, and I just kept painting until I developed my own style.

Who is your favorite painter or artist? That’s a really hard question because I love Matisse. He’s my all time favorite, but I also love Peter Max, Berg Masakan, or anybody who uses color.

Do you do any other art forms aside from painting? I’ve done a lot of mixed media, some 3-D sculpture pieces, some assemblages, but then I always end up going back to painting. That’s my true love.

Where else do you find your inspiration? I’ve experimented with a number of different subjects and techniques, but I’m known for painting hearts. It’s become about putting a message of hope out there. That’s what my hearts are all about!

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  • Nice work.. I too like to draw Abstract Art and it really helps me to express my thoughts.