Christmas Cookie Decorating Tips

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Before the holidays get too hectic, prepare your baking battle plan. Baking in bulk can add stress to an otherwise, fun holiday tradition, but it doesn’t have to! Follow these quick cookie baking & decorating tips so your Christmas cookies will taste and look great when you’re ready to serve or gift them.

Baking Tips

1. Consistency is key. Keep cookies the same size & thickness.

Use a batter dispenser or ice cream scoop to measure drop cookies and/or roll cookie dough evenly when using cookie cutters.

Why: Using consistently sized cookies means you’re less likely to burn or undercook some cookies. If your cookies are the same size and thickness they’ll bake evenly and all look the same. If some of your cookies are thick and some are thin, you’ll end up with burnt bottoms or undercooked centers. Nobody wants a burnt cookie! Okay, okay… I’ll eat it.Stuffed Christmas Stocking Cookies Cookie Baking Tips

2. Invest in insulated cookie sheets.

Wilton Baking Pans brown cookies without burning.

Why: Insulated cookie sheets are worth investing in because they’re made with multiple layers of aluminum so that the air is insulated within the sheet, and not just whichever part of the oven is hottest.

3. Don’t put cookie dough on hot or warm pans.

Let the sheet cool completely between batches.

Why: Placing dough on a hot sheet can make the cookies spread too much.  One must be patient for the perfect cookie.Snowflake Sugar Cookies

4. Flour your cookie cutters before use.

If you’re making sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies & using cookie cutter shapes, make sure to dip them in flour before you start cutting.

Why: This way, the dough will loosen easily from the cutter when you place it on the cookie sheet. Trust me on this one; it will be worth it.

Icing Decorating Tips

1. Outline your cookie with icing first.

Pipe an icing outline around your cookie using a round tip and decorating bag filled with royal icing or full strength Wilton® Color Flow Icing.

Why: The stiff consistency will act as a barrier when you fill your shape with cookie icing.Day3_BlogImage5

2. Fill in your cookie using thinned icing.

Thin icing by adding 1-2 teaspoons light corn syrup to each cup of icing or Wilton Color Flow Icing Mix.

Why: Thin icing flows easily into any shape cookie to create a smooth even layer of icing.

3. Add detail with multiple icing colors.

Pipe small lines of another color icing across your color flowed cookie. Then, drag a toothpick from top to bottom.

Why: Color dragging is an easy way to add fun details.Day3_BlogImage8

5. Cookie icing takes longer to dry.

Let dry 8-12 hours.

Why: You worked hard to make your cookie look beautiful. Wrapping them too early can result in smeared icing. Again, patience is key!

All of the cookies pictured in this post were decorated with Wilton®’s 12 Piece Cookie Decorating Set. Want even more ideas on how to decorate Christmas Cookies? Watch Wilton’s video: How to Decorate Cookies using Colored Cookie Dough.

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