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An artist once said to me, “a true knitter or crocheter is one that is not scared to wear it.” If you enjoy what you make, why not show your joy through your creative expression of fashion. As a guy, it’s harder to adapt to that particular way of thinking except for winter time, then it’s ‘crochet all the way and wear it each and everyday!’

 The new lines of Caron® CupcakesTM, Big Cakes™, Sprinkle Cakes™, Tea Cakes™ and new colors of Caron® Cakes™ is a crochet dream come true, especially for those looking to the cooler and downright cold seasons ahead. Up here in the North, I’ll be sporting a winter hat as early as October and it will be part of my winter attire. Find all of the new lines of Caron Cakes here.

 For me, the Caron Tea Cakes and Caron Sprinkle Cakes are just phenomenal. A super bulky weight intended for making me snug as a bug in a winter coat! I like to have options. I mean, come on ladies, you cannot wear the same shoes for every possible outfit! Right? For me, I love options for hats and scarves. I generally make about 4 – 5 hats for each winter. You know, sometimes I want a beanie, other times I adore a big ole pom pom hat. Find all Caron Cakes pattern inspiration here.

Every winter, I tend to get caught up in the dreary days waiting for the snow to fall to make the days look brighter. A project on the hook is soothing when that snow blows, I am ready to tackle it head on. I’m no stranger to pushing a snow blower or shoveling snow. For Caron Tea Cakes and Caron Sprinkle Cakes, with the 20% wool that is added, I am much warmer than a typical 100% acrylic hat. So for me living the north, it’s an added bonus.

 Have you seen the new ponchos and sweaters this fall? The Crochet Ruana really inspired many people during the live reveal show. In fact, the same shelf had to be stocked 3 times to satisfy the needs of the crocheters wanting to give the project a go. It just looks perfect. It moves with your body when not having to really fit anyone in a form fitting way. Using a large hook, it’s intended to crochet up pretty quickly. So it’s not a lot of commitment to hook up something and wear within days of starting. Get the pattern for the Crochet Ruana here.

Yarnspirations has put a lot of attention towards practical, yet fashion forward projects for this winter through the new Caron Yarns. Nothing beats a cool crisp evening of huge snowflakes that lightly rest. Walking your dog as the lamps in the street light up the glistening new fallen snow. Dogs could use that extra layer of a warmth though a dog coat. Again, with added wool for the extra warmth they could appreciate as they explore every bush and hydrant along your route. Get the Cozy Pup Dog Crochet Sweater pattern here.

From knitted and crochet sweaters and cardigans, there’s something about the way it looks that gives me comfort and certainly joy. Patterns that are not so complicated that they require a rocket scientist to figure it out. For many of the projects, an experienced beginner has an opportunity to attempt a project and be successful. The only way to get better is to try, try and try again. Usually when you have the strong desire, you put your best into it right away and have satisfying results in the end.

So check out the patterns on and to express yourself through Fashion with the new Caron Yarn products this fall. These are just merely ideas. Maybe you have other patterns you’ve been wanting to try and let the Cakes products express themselves through their unique colorways.

Until next time, happy hook’n and enjoy!


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  • Jamil Ahmed Talha

    yes … i do agree with winter comes with whole lines of fashion…

    all these new lines you mentioned here are really bright and beautiful… any crochet lover will be craving for these…

    super excited to try these and love from us for this lovely post …. :)

  • Sue Macurdy

    I would like to make the Caron Cakes afghan, but it doesn’t tell in the pattern, needle size or number of Caron Cakes it takes?