How to Build the Ultimate Easter Basket

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I’m sure many of you have started picking up toys and trinkets for your little’s Easter basket by now. There’s so much fun to fit in one little basket! Don’t get overwhelmed with the options … We’ve got some tips to help you build the ultimate Easter basket.

 Here’s what you need to get started:

build a basket


Michaels has them in a range of sizes, colors and textures. You’re sure to find one that is not only adorable, but will also fit all the goodies you can stuff inside.

Easter Grass

These shreds come in cellophane or paper versions and just about every color you can dream. Get the sparkly purple that way you can at least be delighted each time you find a shred on the carpet over the next 6 weeks.

Plastic Eggs

A quintessential addition that no basket is complete without. These days, plastic eggs come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Have you seen our Jumbo Nested Egg? LOTS of room for LOTS of candies.

Easter Candy

We’re really into Peeps® right now, but that’s not all! I prefer my Easter basket 90% candy, 10% other stuff.


This is for aesthetic pleasure of course. Tying a big floppy bow to the top of your basket is the perfect finishing touch.

Basket Stuffers

Next in line of importance (second to candy, right?) are basket stuffers. There’s SO many options to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few:

boy basket

These stuffers are perfect for a little dude’s basket. Darth Vader, race cars, Silly Putty® – what more could he want?

girls easter basket

A perfectly girly basket is not complete without Hello Kitty®, Minnie Mouse and Wishful the Beanie Boo® Unicorn.

easter basket contents 

Your local Michaels has aisles of fun little toys and activities to fill your baskets. What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to grab a bubble wand or two.

kids opening easter baskets

Whatever you choose to fill their baskets, nothing can replace the excitement on your child’s face when they see what the Easter Bunny has left. What’s going into your kid’s basket this year?

- Jillian


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  • Lorena Cadena



    650-359-5032 HOME

    • Jillian

      Yes Lorena, we do have some white and brown baskets that fit your description. Please check with your local store. Happy Easter!

      • Thank you Jillian for showing toys for children at Easter rather than live baby bunnies who are a living 10 year commitment and not to be abandoned after Easter.

  • What does Michael’s have that is appropriate to put in a basket for a 14 year old boy? He is too old for cute Easter bunnies and such. His younger siblings are receiving the traditional Easter things, need something for the 14 year old also.

    • Jillian

      Great question Marge! Michaels carries lots of models if he likes to build, as well as some pretty cool science kits. We also have a new product called Kinetic Sand that is pretty awesome for kids of all ages. Check out this video:,default,pg.html?fdid=videos-kidsteachers

    • stacey

      I have done a small cooler as an Easter basket and put a beach towel, Frisbee, sun block and a cool mag for teen boys…with candy of course :)

      • Liz

        I make a basket for my husband every year and candy is always a hit! I also put in Pens, gum, car fragrances. Michael’s had so much just cruse the isles…Candy is always a hit. LOL

    • Susie

      A gift card to his favorite fast food place, some snacks like cheetos, cookies, sunflower seeds,etc., a t-shirt, hope this helps…

    • Char

      Also consider his hobbies for example. If your 14 year old enjoys drawing or painting consider supplies, materials in these aisles. Things that can inspire him of his interest.

    • Robin

      Duct TAPE and a book on things you can do with it!

    • Susie

      For a 14 year old? Frisbees, hacky-sack balls, deck of cards, Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, gift cards to ice cream stores, miniature golf, or bowling.

  • Chris

    why do girls and boys need such different baskets? they essentially want the same thing, and i don’t see the point in gendering an easter basket. it’s really tiring to see this in advertising.

    • lynn

      Generally boys and girls like different colors and different toys or things. Majority of boys wouldn’t care for a barbie or pink jump rope in there basket. They’d probably would like to see comic marvel items. Many girls enjoy receiving bubbles, pinwheels, colorful arts and crafts. What does bother me is that people forget the true significance of Easter. The symbolic gift basket giving resembles Jesus dying on the cross as a sacrifice for the human kind. Jesus gives us the opportunity to except such a gift so that we may have a glorious after life with him in heaven.

      • cookie

        This is for Lynn…what you said is so true thank you for reminding people the true meaning of Easter….God bless you…

      • Sandra Heyneman

        Thank you for saying the true reason for Easter ! Amen!

      • OrangeCrush

        Actually, if you read in the bible, Herod celebrated Easter, which was a pagan holiday as Herod was a pagan. It was inducted into Christianity by the Catholic Church to attract pagans. Neither the disciples, nor Jesus, celebrated Easter. They celebrated Passover. Not a very popular historical lesson, but true all the same. Easter was celebrated by pagans to honor the Goddess Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, hence the rabbits, eggs, etc. Also the basis for the word “Easter”.

    • Kelly Vaughan

      It’s probably because girls and boys don’t LIKE the same things!! (Duh) and if your so tired of seeing all the Easter advertising, you probably shouldn’t be on Michael’s website looking for EASTER IDEAS !!!! (DUH) The rest of us like the different GENDER idea’s.. Don’t be such an Easter DOWNER

      • Bethany

        That’s too funny.

    • Diana

      My sons would rather have been left out of getting a basket than get “girl looking” items. Same for my daughter, (and grand kids). I have a great time choosing items for the baskets, we even make baskets for all the children & seniors at church.

  • Amy

    can the 20% coupon be used on the Kinetic Sand?

    • Jillian

      Yes Amy, you can use the coupon!

  • Buffy Nehring

    I have a 23 son and 19 year old girl. Any suggestion for basket ideas??

    • Jillian

      Do they have any hobbies Buffy? That may be a good starting point. Of course we have lots of fun stuff in the baskets by our checkouts, like pencils, notepads & notecards. I think anyone would love some of those! Don’t forget the candy!

    • Tracy

      There are also lots of items that are only$1.50 in most stores near the front registers that could be good for many different people. They have list pads, journals, hand soap and hand sanitizer in various scents, as well as other items that can be used in stamping and crafts. They go on sale often so you can get them for even cheaper than the great $1.50 price.

    • Chris

      I have a 29 and a 23 year old sons and a 19 year old daughter. Of course the candy is a must, but
      I also put in movies they might be wanting, video games,cash in eggs always goes over good, gift cards too.
      My daughter loves art, so art supplies are big, movies, cash, she likes a lot of stuff which makes it easy.

  • Deborah Bingham

    do you carry the ornement tree (you hang ornements on the wire branches?

    • Jillian

      Are you looking for an Easter ornament tree? We don’t have one specific to the holiday, but check out this great project that you can make yourself!,default,pd.html?cgid=projects-seasonsandcelebrations-easter-wearablearts

      • Jean

        You can use the pussy willows they have at Michael’s and add some wooden ornaments that you can find there, also. I’ve had an Easter tree for years, and I get new ornaments there or make ornaments to hang. An easy one I do at school is to paint a 1″ wooden heart, turn it upside-down, add foam ears and 1/4″ pom pom cheeks, and googly eyes. Hang it with a piece of 1/8″ ribbon or a piece of yarn glued to the back. You can get fancier and add a flower by the ear or glue a tiny pink pom pom in between the 1/4″ pom poms to make a nose.

    • I purchased some balsam wood trees that Michaels sells for Halloween, they are black and I painted them different colors for various holidays, Valentine’s and Easter and use these in ploace of a wire tree and always get lots of compliments.

  • Patricia Linebarger

    po box 345
    9 Lorane Ln. What can you do for the Bride and Groom, they are getting married 4/19 so want to leave a basket for Easter and Honeymoon?

    • Jillian

      How fun Patricia! Check out the home décor section. Michaels carries some fun kitchen décor like measuring cups & menu boards. And, I bet Thank You notes would be a great addition to your Newlywed Easter basket too.

  • Ashley

    Any suggestions for a babies 1st Easter basket (just turning 2moths old) considering they can’t have all the candies??

    • Ashley

      Months** lol

      • Leela

        Our son was just about 2 months last year at Easter. He got a super soft stuffed bunny and stuffed lamb, which he still loves to this day. This year he’s getting a more fun stuffed bunny (Rasta bunny) and his favorite fruit snacks tucked inside plastic eggs. Frankly, the plastic eggs are his favorite just like that. He loves putting them in the basket, taking them out, and taking them apart! Believe me when I say you’ll have a lot more fun next year :)

      • shanny

        My daughter was 2 monthes old for her first Easter, we did a small stuffed bunny and a rattle shaped as a bunny. It was cute for her pics!

      • Karla

        A swim suit and hat for this summer, headbands for girls and baseball caps for boys, colorful teething rings, pastel wash cloths folded like Easter Eggs and small toys that are safe toys little hands can hold.

      • kim

        This is for Ashley
        For baby’s basket:
        Teething rings, small baby rattles or stuffed animals, and pacifiers all work well. Also, soft books. Hope this helps!

      • dd

        Get a tiny basket – just the right size for the little one – add a small stuffed baby bunny or chick, some baby socks, a cute t-shirt (you can personalize – check out the iron on section), hair bands or bows for a girl… look in the toy section too – you can often find wooden blocks and board books for baby too! Add 2 eggs filled with candy treats and mark one “For Mom” and one “For Dad” as a special surprise! Happy Easter!

    • Carmen

      Board books, bunny ears, buy yarn and crochet/knit a blanket/outfit/toy, my daughter received a stuffed bunny that said “bock bock” when you pressed it’s foot and she loved it. :)

    • Caroline

      Michaels has tons of cute Easter books for kids out right now that your little one could cherish for many years to come! You might also decorate a t shirt or onesie for him or her. We included some little squirty bath toys in the basket for our baby last year.

    • Katie

      I get an Easter lamb for my kids, nieces, and nephews for their first Easter. You could also get rattles, teethers, or soft books.

    • lynn

      stuffed animals, hair deco for girls, spring clothes

    • When my kids were that little I put in their baskets baby toys like rattles, car seat toys, bath toys, baby keys, couple of cute outfits, cardboard books, baby snacks like puff fruit and veggies, bottles, have fun

    • Jennifer

      an Easter/ Spring outfit, small toy, like plastic keys or rattle

    • mel

      Books it is never to early to start reading to your little one, a soft blanket, maybe a ipod touch with dock to play classical music for bed or nap time and most of all lots of hugs and Mommy/Daddy time.

  • Jen

    Ashley, I have 3 little girls and I always buy the baby a basket. I usually buy soft stuffed animals, teething toys, board books, hair pins and maybe a cute outfit or sunglasses for fun.

  • Phyllis Marcus

    Loved the comment on “gender” in the Easter basket comments. I bought wonderful sewing craft kits for my 9 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter. Big hits for them, EXCEPT the name of the company is “CraftyGirls” and everyone had something to say about that. How about telling the company to call it “CraftyKids”! Thanks. Phyllis

  • Terry

    I just wanted to say that when I was shopping the other day in Michaels and the store had Kinetic sand out on display. It is beyond cool! It’s going to be a great addition to my 13yr old sons Easter Basket!

  • Diana

    Ashley, true, baby isn’t big enough to enjoy candy, I’d put a nice picture frame, a cute soft bunny, maybe some baby toys into a sweet basket with ribbons and such. Then make a few photo’s of baby with it to frame. More for “show” than for baby!

  • Sheila

    People!!! This IS Easter, for cryin’ out loud….not CHRISTMAS!!

    • Julie

      there are many things for “cryin out loud” Easter Basket fun is not one of them!

  • Julie

    I have friends that make Fun Foam Crosses to decorate with their three daughters.
    And they share bible stories during decorating, then they add them to their candy and peeps baskets.

  • Tawny

    I’m crocheting baskets for my nieces and nephews this year and I was looking for items that might help me make the baskets sturdier Such as wood or plastic material for the brim I guess and the handles. The bottom part is looking just fine. I’m just having a problem with these two spots. Because I know once I stuff the basket it’s going to need some hardware to keep the handle attached to the basket as well as keeping the shape. Please help! Thanks!

    • Sherri Mize

      Im thinking, if you could use a sturdier material, like macrama for the brim and handles, or attach the handles with rings like a purse. Maybe starch the handles. Now, Im brain storming:) My first grandson is 9 months. I haven`t thought about making a basket, I was gonna get one big enough for him to sit in after he takes everything out. I thought it would make some cute pictures. I haven`t crochet in along time, and all I ever made was afgans. Maybe I will make him a spring color afgan, I still have time, I think. A basket is way out of my league. Maybe I can learn by next Easter and think of some things for other holidays.:)

  • Mary

    I would like to personalize my granddaughter’s Easter basket with her name. What is the best way to do this?

    • Jillian

      Hi Mary, it may depend on the type of basket you are using, but how about some small wooden letters that you can paint your granddaughter’s favorite colors? Such a sweet idea!