A Love for Baking: Q&A with Rosanna Pansino

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Rosanna Pansino is an entrepreneur, actress and culinary personality who is best known for her YouTube cooking show, “Nerdy Nummies,” which she launched in June of 2011. Today she has over 8.8 million subscribers and her channel has received over 2.1 billion views. Ro recently partnered up with Michaels and Wilton to create her first-ever baking line, which aims to bring out the creative geek in everyone. We caught up with her for a quick Q&A to learn a bit more about the product line and Ro.

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Spatula

How did you get started with baking?

My Grandmother was the person who originally introduced me to baking. I have such good memories of my family getting together for special occasions and baking together in the kitchen. All through high school and college I loved baking themed treats for my friends.

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Chocolate Molds

Why was Wilton the right fit?

I have used Wilton products for as long as I can remember and in the very first episode of Nerdy Nummies I am using Wilton icing. I am very picky about who I work with, which is why Wilton was the perfect company to partner with.

Rosanna Pansino Baking for Michaels Cupcake Holders

What was your favorite part about creating this product line?

Creating a product line was something completely new for me. I wanted to wait to do it until the time was right and I could do it right. The line itself took over a year to develop and I loved being very hands on during the process. Wilton really worked to make my vision for the line come to life and I’m excited to see people’s response to it!

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Cookie Cutters

Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspiration from everywhere. I have a very active mind that can be hard to turn off. Even when I’m in the shower I’ll be drawing ideas on the glass door. I have always loved being creative.

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Cupcake Sprinkles

Do you have a favorite project? Why is it your favorite?

My new projects often become my favorites as I’m constantly learning something new, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be any video that I’ve had my Dad as a guest. I’m really close to my family and any chance I get to share my world with them is very special.

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Mustache Cookie

What’s your favorite part about meeting your fans?

I am convinced that I have the nicest and sweetest viewers in the world. Any time I release a product or go to a convention I try and work meetups into them. My supporters energize me and always put a smile on my face.

Rosanna Pansino Baking by Wilton for Michaels Emoji Cake Balls

Do you have a favorite dessert? What is it?

My favorite dessert is constantly changing because I never stop learning new recipes. That said, I am absolutely loving tiramisu right now because I am a big coffee drinker.

Check out more from Rosanna Pansino’s new baking line! Share your finds with #MakeItWithMichaels.


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