Back to School Statement Clings

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We’ve all heard about the “statement necklace”, but what about statement binder, laptop, or locker? It’s easy to go back to school in style with these custom Tulip Dimensional Paint cling creations. They look fantastic on anything with a glass or plastic surface and are perfect to bling out all your school supplies with.

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Supply list:

–Tulip Dimensional Paint 4oz (in colors of your choice)

– Plastic gallon-size Storage Bag

– Printed back to school pattern

– Paper towels (for practicing and cleanup)

To make the window clings, follow these simple steps.

First, slide the pattern inside the bag; press down on bag to remove as much air as possible and zip the bag closed.  I recommend removing the cap and tapping the dimensional paint on a paper towel to remove any air bubbles and to practice your design.

Outline your first color for your desired cling then fill in. The more paint you fill in with, the longer it will take to dry.

back to school, clings, tulip paint, puff paint

Repeat with other colors until entire design is filled in. Make sure all colors are touching so that one piece is created when dry and it’s easier to peel off. Let dry completely; it may take two to four hours to dry completely based on how thick you fill in your design.

Once dry, peel clings from plastic bag, carefully peeling away as not to tear your design.

Place your clings on your windows, binders, and even laptops!

They also would be cute placed on other glass objects like mason jars, water bottles, and plastic containers. The possibilities are endless!


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