April Trend // Fresh Fruit

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Fruit Craft Trend

Ripe for the picking this season is fruit, fruit, fruit! Ok, so maybe I have an affinity for some Carmen Miranda vibes, but this fresh trend goes from food to fashion and is in no danger of decomposing any time soon. As we venture towards summer, lettuce take a few risks and don our favorite fruits (sorry for the bad vegetable pun).

Fruit Crafts

Clay molds give life to a golden strawberry necklace, while wood plaques provide the perfect surface for fruit slice coasters.  Create a bountiful textile with fabric paint or doodle strawberries onto your fingertips with a DecoNail Art kit. 

1. Golden Strawberry Necklace
2. Fruit Slice Coasters
3. Berry Nails
4. Pineapple Print Tee
5. Watermelon Slice Earrings

Make Carmen proud and add these bursting fruit accents to your ensemble!

– Sara, Trend Expert

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