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Cricut Explore

Anyone who’s been around the craft world for a few years is familiar with the Cricut™ Die Cutting System. And, it’s been an awesome system, I know mine has seen a lot of use over the past decade between birthday cards, scrapbook layouts, holiday décor, scouts and even a motorcycle rally I helped my dad with. They’ve made a few changes over the years, we’ve seen the size get bigger, and then smaller. We’ve seen cartridges go by the wayside for an online downloadable system, but we’ve seen nothing like the newest generation, the Cricut Explore™! Take a quick peek at some of the projects that you can create with this new machine:

Cricut Design StudioThe main thing I noticed with this system is that the cartridges are gone – you’re going to do everything in the Cricut Design Space™, a free online design program that lets you either choose cartridges you already have, or select new ones then design your cut online before you hit start! No more moving the first dial to 4″ and the second dial 1/8″ to the right to get your letters in the middle of the paper. No more cutting the same thing 8 times before you get the right size. You design it and go. So simple!


Cricut Design Studio


Also, with Design Space, there are hundreds of pre-designed projects from Cricut that you can make, just select your project and follow the instructions – all right there on screen. Now, that’s pretty cool.



New Blade

It looks like Cricut listened to you as well. They created a blade housing that allows you to cut and write at the same time – making it quicker to do the more complicated projects! No more switching your markers and your blades and having to re-align your paper to the perfect position.




Cricut Explore


They’ve even added an easy button! Dial up your material selection and the machine will cut with the right depth for your project. Or, select a custom material and tell the machine how deep to cut. The options are endless!

We know you’re going to love this machine as much as we did when we saw it. Get ready – all this crafty goodness will be in stores in March!

- Cara

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  • colleen

    This looks like an amazing new machine I can’t wait to see it in your stores.

  • linda

    I would be great if they didn’t say it about the last one they put out . we were told things like this before . I think I will wait till they show that it is true able this cricut . I have 5 cricut I hope I am wrong

    • Danielle T

      Right there with you sister…Amen!

      • pumpkinone

        I agree I have every cricut you can name, the original one, the 24″ and last but not least the Imagine…and of course the gypsy…I have given up on Cricut for the Silhouette…no cartridges, online shapes, you can print then cut, easy to use…the Explore may have corrected some of my issues that I had with the Cricuts but the Silhouette Cameo is light weight and so much easier to use, just purchased the second one…need to Ebay my Cricuts and all of those cartridges…!

  • Marybeth

    Will Design Space integrate with Cricut Craft Room and the cartridges I already have loaded on my Cricut Expression? I do all my designing on the CCR and would hate to lose that capability.

    • Cara

      Hi Marybeth!

      Yes, if you have already linked your existing cartridges to Cricut Craft Room®, they will automatically be available in Cricut Design Space®. There is no need to re-link them. If you have other questions about this new machine, Cricut has a great FAQ page:


      • Mary Pumphrey

        Hi,After we create the “Explore Design Space” account what happens to our ability to use our other Cricut machines in the “Cricut Craft Room”… I think Anna Griffin said the older Cricut machines will not function in the new “Explore Design Space”.

      • Cara

        Hi Mary –

        I reached out to Cricut to answer your question. Here is their reply:

        Yes, you can use your Cricut Explore machine to link your existing cartridges to your Cricut Design Space™ account.
        If you have already linked your existing cartridges to Cricut Craft Room, they will automatically be available in Cricut Design Space. You can find your cartridges by logging into Cricut Design Space, opening the “Insert Images” window, and choosing My Image Sets or My Images option from the drop down menu.

        Hope it helps!

      • Debbie

        Hi Cara,
        You seem to be the one to talk to :) I am drooling over these cutters, I make resin jewelry and many other things, but I am wondering if you think the cutter would work for resin jewelry? If you don’t know I understand just you are helping everyone else I thought I would ask :) :)
        Thank you :)
        Debbie :)

      • Cara

        Hi Debbie –

        What kind of resin? Are you casting or are you starting with resin sheets? If resin sheets, this might work with a deep housing and deep housing blade depending on the thickness of the resin, but it will dull the blade quickly. They are designed for paper, thin vinyl and some stiffer fabrics. My suggestion would be to speak to a representative at Cricut as they could tell you the full functionality of the machine – and they might have tested resin – you never know! You can reach them here:


    • Lisa

      from Cricut’s website in FAQ ('s):

      Q:Will projects in my Cricut Craft Room® account transfer over to Cricut Design Space™?
      A:You cannot transfer existing projects from the Cricut Craft Room® design software to Cricut Design Space™. You will need to re-create any existing projects by starting a new project in Cricut Design Space.

      Your cartridges will transfer, but not your projects so it looks like you can’t use the Cricut Craft Room to create your projects if you want to cut them on the new machine.

    • Linda M

      I have always used CCR with my mini and Expression. I just got my Explore yesterday and have had lots of fun learning about it and playing with it. Unfortunately, and I did know this before I bought it, the projects you saved in CCR will NOT be available to you in Design Space. Only the cartridges that you linked to CCR and any digital images your purchased will be available to you in Design Space. I had so many projects that I loved on CCR! But, I’ll keep my Expression so I can still use them.

  • Donna

    What date will the Cricut Explore be in stores?

    • Jillian

      We’re expecting it in stores mid-March Donna. Stay tuned for a more formal announcement!

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  • Ruth

    The machine looks amazing! I love the fact you can cut different types of materials. But I don’t own a Cricut or any other die cutting machine. How do I get the images to cut out? Pay for each individual design online? Thanks!

  • Cheryl Legrand

    Well , I have been with all of the Cricuts so far but I stayed with the cartridges, and did not load them on the computer, I have the Imagine that I wish I never paid the money since there is not a lot of things on it from the expression 2. If I passed on any news it would be Do not pay online for an image go to the cartridge you will keep them and not waste money .

  • Karen

    Sounds like you still have to purchase an entire cartridge, even if you only want one shape. Still can’t create your own designs from scratch or use the fonts installed on your computer. Provocraft lost me as a Cricut customer when they sued the developers of SCAL. They’re still not listening to their customers. I’ve since switched to a Silhouette Cameo & love it!

    • Carrie

      I have had the Cricut Explore since the end of February. You can use your own designs and the fonts installed on your computer. I do not have a Silhouette so I can’t compare but there is a video on youtube comparing the two of them together and the Explore comes out looking really good. I LOVE MINE!

    • Liz Greene

      Love, Love, Love my Silhouette Portrait. No Cricut EVER for me. No cartridges, I can design my own patterns, and it is a LOT cheaper.

    • Sherri

      I have a Silhouette also. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It looks like Cricuit figured out they needed to do more to match what Silhouette has been doing for years. Plus Silhouette images are on .99 cents. to download, sometimes they are all on sale for much less and some are even free.

    • Sheila

      Thanks for this response…I gave my Cricuit to my nieces because I no longer could use SCAL. I think I will be purchasing the Silhouette. They are just too greedy for my liking.

  • Bonnie

    Not having had a Cricut before, looking for something that can cut a computer designed image (i.e. a custom logo) from vinyl to replace a decal. Which machine(s) will work for that?

    • Cara

      Hi Bonnie -

      Cricut does not allow you to cut custom logos, but other similar machines will. We carry many different types, check your local Michaels for details!

    • Shanna

      It depends on the file type but this new Cricut explore will allow you to upload your own designs to cut…I know it uploads .SVG .JPG .BMP and several others

    • julie

      That would be a Silhouette Bonnie~

  • Cheryl

    This machine was released early at HSN. I wondered if anyone had purchased it there and tried it yet.

    • Carrie

      I purchased it early from HSN and I LOVE IT!!! It cuts even small, intricate details beautifully!

  • lee murray

    what is the expected price?

    • Cara

      Hi Lee –

      The Cricut Explore® will retail around $299.99.


  • Becky

    I am disappointed in my Cricut Expression. The Explore looks a lot easier to use. It will be interesting to see how it does.

    • Carrie

      I had the Expression 2 and I had a few frustrations with it. I now have the Explore and I LOVE IT! The design space that you use online with the Explore is wonderful. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you get it figured out it is easy.

      • Becky

        I wish I could sell my Expression and put the money towards the Explore. Will Michaels have demos?

  • Cathy

    My cartridges are all linked to my gypsy. How will I ling them to my Cricut Explore if I would purchase

    • Cara

      Hi Cathy –
      I reached out to Cricut for your question. here’s their response:

      Cricut Explore works in conjunction with Cricut Design Space™, which is cloud based software. Cricut Design Space™ is compatible with all content that has been linked to a Cricut Craft Room account. While there is not a direct way to link a Gypsy with Cricut Design Space, if you have linked your Gypsy to your Cricut Craft Room account, you will be able to access it within Cricut Design Space.
      (For instructions on how to link a Gypsy to your Cricut Craft Room go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

      Hope it helps!

      • amy

        I got my Explore last Friday and I am not able to uplink any of my 60 cartridges stored on my Gypsy to CCR, therefore I have no access to my cartridges. I did not know that I had to link my carts to CCR in order to use Explore [Explore has a cartridge slot]. After three support calls, I was finally told that there is a software problem that prohibits it working with my MAC, and that I can’t use my own carts until the problem is fixed. They don’t know how long this problem will last! I have been a loyal PC customer with Cricut, Expression, Cuttlebug and 60 carts…I may be shipping this one back for a refund.

  • http://CricutExplorer Deb

    I would really like to get this how expensive is it. I have the circuit size 6 x 12. Do you take trade in’s or know of any one looking for this size to purchase in order to cut the cost of the circuit explorer. As I am on a fixed income.

    • http://CricutExplorer Deb

      How much is the Circuit Expression at Michael’s or the Explorer. Does any one want to purchase a Cricut the 6 x 12 machine.

    • Cara

      Hi Deb,

      The Cricut Explore will run around $299.99. We do not take trade ins at this time.


  • Roxanne Gravesande

    Mine on the way, got it from HSN. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Meledie Knopf

    How much will it cost? And can I pre order one?

    • Cara

      Hi Meledie –
      The Cricut Explore® will run around $299.99. At this time, we are not taking pre-orders. The units will be in stores mid-March.


  • Sandra Freeman

    I am also excited to see this machine in action. I am a Cricut Imagine owner who is very unhappy the way this machine turned out. I will watch and see what happens with the Explore.

  • pam

    What about the new scanNcut which is better

  • bobbie aultman

    I would like to find a class for sihoutte cameo..and to be able to purchase products…my local michaels (even the test store) have very little in supplies and even less for educated advise….

    • Cara

      Hi Bobbie –
      We do offer “test drive” classes around different scrapbooking tools and machines, like the Silhouette. We are also in the process of evaluating our class programs. I’ll send this note to the classroom team as a suggestion.


  • Amery

    In Canada too for the same timeline to be in stores?

    • Cara

      Hi Amery!
      Yes! The Cricut Explore® will be in Canada at the same time, mid-March.


      • Jen

        Do we have any information on the pricing in the Canadian Stores yet?

      • Jillian

        Hi Jen, The Explore will have the same price in Canada – $299.99.

      • Heather

        Hello, I checked with a Michaels representative in Saskatoon, SK Canada last weekend, and she had no idea that the Cricut Explore existed, let alone whether or not it was coming to the store. Do you have any new information as to when I can purchase the Explore in Canada?


      • Jillian

        Hi Heather,
        Sorry for the confusion. I just checked with that store and they confirmed that they do have the Explore machines in the back inventory. Please try again! Happy crafting!

      • Tim Riley

        I would love to pick up a Cricut Explore.
        Do you have either of these available in, or around Vancouver?

      • Jillian

        Yes Tim, we have availability in both our Vancouver locations.

  • kathy jernigan

    Great looking machine. I love the simplicity and changes. Pricing wasn’t mentioned. Why?

    • Cara

      Hi Kathleen,
      We usually don’t mention pricing because you cannot currently purchase anything on The unit will retail around $299.99.


  • Jennifer Hardin

    when and where can you buy score pen. and will this score pen work with older carriages

    • Cara

      Hi Jennifer! You’ll be able to purchase all the Cricut Explore® accessories at your local Michaels in mid-March. You can purchase the scoring housing any our store as well, and all the housings (cutting and scoring) as well as the pens and markers work in every Cricut® Machine. The dual head that has space for both a cutting/scoring tool and a pen or marker is only available on the Cricut Explore®. Enjoy!

      • Gayle Wheaton

        But I was just in your store & when I looked at the blade housing, it looked to be smaller than the “regular” ones & was a different shape, so I thought that they were unique to the Explore. And as I understand it, demos could be a challenge since you have to have online access for your computer in order to use the Design Space software (it’s not like the stand-alone programming of either the Gypsy or the older program called Design Studio). I’ve demoed both of those in stores, but The Explore will require the user to have a smart phone link or Hot Spot – making classes a bit more problematic.

  • Jennifer Hardin

    Will you be able to purchase Anna geiffin cartiages that will be coming out in futue at Jo Ann. i think there 3 or 4 coming out

  • Andrea

    What is the cost?

    • Cara

      Hi Andrea! The Cricut Explore® will retail around $299.99.

  • Sofia

    What’s Michael’s phone number?

    • Cara

      Hi Sofia –

      Our number is 1-800-michaels.


  • CindyB

    I have the explore coming March 18 from HSN. Here’s my question I have 7-8 cartridges, not linked, some brand new. I just sold my personal cricut cutter. How am I going to get my cricut cartridges onto the design space / craft room? I have a jukebox, is this rendered useless with the explore as well.. Thanks

    • Cara

      Hi Cindy!

      All Cricut® cartridges can be used with Cricut Craft Room by (1) inserting them into the connected Cricut machine, (2) linking them to your account, OR (3) purchasing digital cartridges. I can tell you the easiest way is to link them to your account, that way if they update the machine again, you have everything saved. Here’s a link from Cricut on exactly how to do it:


  • Migdalia

    if there’s anyone that already owns Cricut Explore, I need help. my computer wont recognize the machine. can’t use it….sad

    • Cara

      Hi Migdalia –

      Cricut actually has an entire support center to help with issues like this! You can contact them using the following information:

      Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. (MST)
      Cricut® support: 801-932-1144
      toll-free service phone: 877-7CRICUT

      Best of luck!

  • glorivette

    can you use a coupon on this machine to get 40% off?

    • Jillian

      Hi Glorivette,
      As with all Cricut items, the Explore is excluded from coupons.

      • Virginia Martin

        you can apply coupons code on HSN.
        I saved 15% off my order.
        My explore will be coming on May19

  • Cheryl

    I ordered mine off of HSN has I have made several projects on it already. It came just in time for my friends engagement party! It works beautifully! It is very simple to use once you play around with it for a little while. I really like it and would recommend it to a friend! It’s great!

  • Deb

    How much does it cost.

  • Ann Whelan

    I need 120+ white felt leaves for a wreath (each is about 4.5″ long), but I cannot find any already cut out, not can I find a commercial pattern, although I do have one leaf as a sample. Can I use that same leaf to create 120 of the leaves with Cricut?

    • geri fletcher

      Sell four keep one & put money towards this fabulous machine. I would want to take a free class first to be sure everything is as simple as it looks; & find out ALL DETAILS. Would be a fun way to spend evening with family or friends who also have one & make stuff for each other & complete a couple projects. Fast way to get some cool projects finished & not just cut out & stuck in plastic bag till later. Would be an incentive to have a PYJAMAS CRICUT NIGHT. Anyone interested? Need to save $$ first. Enjoy sounds like loads of fun. Kid

  • Rachel

    Hi, I wanted a machine that would cut from my designs and use my computer fonts. After talking with 2 owners of Cricut machines, they could do this. I also spoke to the Cricut company. So, after much looking and reviewing, I purchased my Expression 2 in October 2013. Not only did I find that I could not use my designs or fonts, but I was limited to buying EVERYTHING from Cricut. The two users had their machines since before the infamous lawsuit, so they were grandfathered to be able to use anything they wanted. To make matters worse – the folks at CRICUT LIED TO ME! They denied any new machines would allow uploading of your own designs and the computer fonts. Four months later – they announced the Express!

    Word of advice – I have seen conflicting Cricut ads that says you must have a subscription to do certain things with the Express, but they also say all your designs can be free. How is that possible?

    I am already in the process of selling my Expression2 so I can move to the Silhouette.

    • Karen

      Welcome to my world, Rachel. Same thing happened to me. I will not purchase anything from Provo Craft again.

    • silentstone7

      you can pay for subscription to get all the images in the cricut store as long as you are subscribed, or you can pay per image. OR you can upload YOUR OWN images, but you have to have your own images and can’t get the ones in the store for free. I hope this helps.

  • Canadian

    Can’t locate it in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Can someone confirm it’s availability in Ottawa?

    • Jillian

      Our inventory shows that all 4 Ottawa stores have the Explore in stock today. I hope you can find one!

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    When to watch for Cricut Explor

    • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

      Next time Circut Explor to watch for?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    Do you have back inventory?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    Do you know when it be on again?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    You donor know when is will be on again,?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    Did not see response. You donor know when it will be on again!

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    Just want to know when it be on again in the coming up future?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    My name is as typed! My email is as typed. Do you now when it will on again in the up coming future!!?

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    My name is as typed! My email is as typed. Do you now when it will on again in the up coming future!!? SO YOU DO NOT KNOW WHEN YOU W ILL IT BACK ON AGIN? THAT IS MY QUESTION

  • http://HSN Racheal Amerine

    Thanks for the no answere! Not when it was on but when it will back on dummies!

  • Janet

    I got my new Cricut Explore the end of February and I Love it! It is amazing! Cricut support is working weekends just to help answer questions for the new Explore! They have been very helpful and I am so happy I waited for the Cricut instead of purchasing a Silhouette like some of my friends. Changing the dial is so simple vs putting in a setting and then pulling the blade housing and finding the very tiny little tool you use to adjust the blade depth on the Silhouette. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cricut!

  • Sonia Rosario


    I just purchased the new explorer machine. I’m new to these machines as I’ve never owned one before. Are there classes available that I can take? I’m located in the outskirts of Jacksonville, FL.


    • Jillian

      The Test Drive classes for Cricut are planned by each store Sonia. If you call your local store, you can ask if they have one on the calendar. If not, please request one there. With enough requests, they should be able to support the class. Thanks!

      • Glenna

        I was told by a Michael’s store manager that there won’t be any classes or demos since there is no internet access to do so.

    • Virginia Martin

      check out you tube( FREE) and you can learn a lot.

  • Deb

    Can you use the New Explore Cricut without being hooked up to the computer. For example if I was away from the computer could I physically hook up an individual cartridge and use the machine that way?

    • Jillian

      Unfortunately Deb, you will need to be connected to a computer to use the new Cricut Explore.

    • Cricutguru

      Sorry, no, it must be connected to the internet.

  • Karen

    I am leary of any product put out by Cricut. I bought the Cricut Expression and it was quite an investment at nearly $300.00. It has sat pretty much unused in my craft room. I bought it right in the middle of the big lawsuit between Provo Craft and SCAL. I never got to purchase SCAL or Makes the Cut before they were taken off the market. Now I have nothing more than a big clunky machine that will cut letters for my son’s school posters and the few images I can cut from the 2 cartridges that came with the machine. The cartridges they sold were ridiculously expensive. I watch ebay hoping someone will sell the SCAL or Makes the Cut that will work on my machine but have not been so lucky. I am not happy with Provo Craft for not making this machine compatible with the computer. I am curious if the new software for this new Cricut which claims you don’t need cartridges will work on their Expression. I doubt. it. I feel Provo Craft let me down and now I am stuck with a machine that isn’t used enough to justify what I purchased it for. I am thinking about going to a Silhouette.

    • Cricutguru

      I’m in love with my Cricuts & what I can do with them – but I also think Provocraft Has failed to live up to it’s promises many times: I personally think they shouldn’t release a machine until a through Beta testing has gotten all of the bugs worked out – meaning people don’t have to get numerous updates & wait for promised features; I think they should continue to support their products even after coming out with new ones — that’s the way to build trust in your in your company; and mostly, I think they really HAVE to improve their education system (meaning STARTING one!!) so that true, reliable instructions are out there for people to be able to understand so that they can get all of the features that these machines are capable of!! [Early on, they tried to do something, but gave up because people that were going to go around to do demoes in stores would have to be 'independant contractors' - that's what I did when I was teaching Cricut at J's; and now at Hobby Lobby, I'm not even that in that they just let you sign up for the classroom & try to get people to come take classes]. I’ve always thought they should have someone as a ‘certified instructor’ go out & teach the real info – either in large seminars directly to owners, or at least to people who would then be certified to go out & teach owners. It’s silly to expect people to watch a million YouTubes when they may have incorrect information!!
      Sorry about the rant – this is just my $.02!!

    • Ivy Birkner

      I love my cricut expression and you can use it on the computer with cricut craft room. That is why it came with the white usb cable. I am not sure what you are using it for that you can’t do but there are also buy/sell/swap pages on facebook where you can get cartridges cheap at times. I just bought one for $20 which includes shipping. I also just bought the new Cricut Explore. I was unsure about it because I have the cricut mini that I bought to take to crops because of the size but I couldn’t pick up internet very well in the wooded area so I decided that i didn’t want one that only uses internet. Boy was I wrong! The new cricut is awesome in the things that it can do. I just started using it and I went online to youtube to watch and see how to write and cut at the same time. I can’t wait to make my next project. It may have just taken the place of my expression!

  • Jacqueline

    Just about my first die cutting machine and am not sure whether to go with a Cricut Explore or a Silhouette Cameo….the verdict is out and the votes are divided.
    Any one else want to offer their opinion? I’d appreciate it!

    • Cricutguru

      My opinion depends upon your comfort with learning computer programs! If it’s not your favorite thing, then I’d go with a Cricut.
      Just my $.02!

  • http://einternet Hattie Avis M.. Stewart

    Only I want to write this as it may be my first time . which ones should I purchase in Cricut? I see different Cricut machines. which ones I should get first? Or Cricut Explore at once?

    thank you

    • Cricutguru

      I’m not sure – it depends if you want the internet only program of the Explore, or if you’d prefer using the Expression 2 or the other machines. All of them will write by using a Cricut marker – but the placement of your writing (in a card, etc) will be easier with the E2 or Explore because you can see the placement on your virtual mat.
      Hope that Helps!

  • Amy

    So…if you buy this– Can we do everything without buying any cartridges, files, or services? Would this be like Sure Cuts A Lot 2(SCAL2) for anyone familiar with it?

    It appears we can use our own fonts on our computer and can upload images. IS THIS CORRECT?

    How about blades–do you need different ones for each material or does the machine simply adjust depth etc for the change?

    For writing, does it take special ink or markers or anything?


    • Cricutguru

      The subscription to the Explore library is $10/month, but you don’t have to pay this & you’ll still get free images /font(s?) you can use. [I never got SCAL because it wasn't a Provocraft product & I didn't want to risk interfacing it with my machines - so I can't answer part of your question, sorry].
      You CAN use your own images/fonts, or you can check the image library and purchase just the images/fonts that you want to use. Check w/ Explore for directions.
      There are different blades available – such as the Deep Cut Blade for the Explore (not the one that’s for the other machines – the blade housing is completely different) – for cutting stiffer/ thicker items [* People like the DCBlade to cut Fun Foam because the cutting surface of the blade is longer even though you wouldn't call it a 'harder' material]. As for most everything else, yes the machine adjusts the pressure for thicker or thinner materials AND it will also go around and cut repeatedly over the same lines to get through thicker/harder items.
      Blades are different for the Explore (you can use the ‘traditional’ ones until the Explore blades get to the stores in June/July – I’m not a saying a word about PC releasing a machine wothout releasing it’s own blades….) – new blades are of titanium or something that’s much harder so they will last longer.
      The markers are also different than the ‘traditional’ Cricut markers – so you need to get the thinner markers to fit the housing.
      I hope that this helped!

  • Jan

    Does the new machine do interlocking monograms?

    • Cricutguru

      I believe you’re talking about ‘welding’ – and you can get the directions for that online at

  • Mosaic Magpie

    I have long wanted to own a Cricut and it looks as though the new Cricut Explore was worth the wait!

  • Delores

    hi, i have the original cricut and the Gypsy which i have never used becuase the screen of so small, i cannot see it very well. Sorry I purchased it but i was just crazy about the Cricut. I also have the Cricut Cake. I have never done anything on line with my cartridges. Will I be out of luck with anything online. Thanks

    • Virginia Martin

      If you have A computer and internet service you will be able to sing up for and use ccr to link your cartridges.
      Also cricut will help you if you have problems.

    • Cricutguru

      Maybe off topic, but did you know that you can enlarge the screen on the Gypsy 3x , so that you can have images/fonts less than 1″ high show up much bigger & be easy to work with? You press the top left silver bar/button and hold it down as you tap on the area of the screen you want to see bigger – then let go of the bar to edit your things – to go back to the full size mat, just tap & release the top bar again. If you still don’t want your Gypsy, go to and put it up for sale – you can probably sell it to someone who wants a ‘backup’ machine (I already have one, or I’d be interested!). People who love the G want to keep it going for as long as possible!
      As for the other part of your question – if you use the Cake machine, I’d recommend using the Duff brand of fondant & gumpaste – as easy to use as the original Cricut one & tastes better, too! If you don’t use it that way, realize you have a backup [Paper] Cricut. Or you can sell it, too!
      You can always download your carts to Cricut Craft Room if you don’t want to use your G – but remember, if they’re on CCR you can’t put them on the G later. But you can download carts from g -> CCR -> Design Space, and still use the carts in your ‘traditional’ Cricuts. You just can’t download carts into more than one online program.
      Hope that helps!

  • Simone

    On a description I read that the machine can cut an envelope and score the fold lines. Is there a standard greeting card envelope template available? I think it’s A2 size. That alone would sway me in this direction. :)

    • Cricutguru

      There are large number of cartridges that will cut an A2 envelope (and even some different flap shapes). There is a Scoring Blade for Cricut Explore – but it was originally designed just for the Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More Cartridge – and you need to let the machine know that you’re using that cart OR you can put in your own score lines & then score just those lines before you go back & use the cutting blade to cut the outside of your image. I don’t know if there’s a ‘generic’ envelope with the free images – I’ve never tried looking for one!
      Hope this helps.

  • Simone

    P.S. Also wondering if Michael’s will do classes or demonstrations so we can check it out in person.

    • Cricutguru

      I’ve heard some stores are – but I think it may depend upon someone owning it (the store samples are often dummies) and a laptop w/ internet access – and oh yes, the knowledge to demo it!

  • Susan

    I purchased the circuit 2 several months ago but haven’t had a even take it out of the box. Would I be better to take it back and buy this one?.

    • Cricutguru

      If you’re thinking of returning it in with the idea that the ‘newer’ machine will have features the older one doesn’t, then you don’t need to do it, since all updates are accessed through cricut/sync. In the early days of Cricut, Provocraft didn’t want stores to do returns because they wanted people to call customer service – so they could have you do a ‘reset’ which would solve about 99% of any issues. If a store did take a return, they had to scrap it – which didn’t make the stores happy at all. As I said, this may have changed – I only know this much because I taught Cricut classses at JoAnn for 4 1/2 years (about 2007 – 2011). Since then I’ve been teaching at Hobby Lobby – so sorry M’s, but you only allow National classes or ‘project’ classes and mine are 4-6 hours of teaching how to use it so you can go home & make whatever you want to make [I don't like project classes because you may not want to make that specific thing].

  • Cindy

    I am very happy that a Michael’s finally opened in my city so I don’t have to drive 40 mins. every time I need/want something. My issue though is that not all Michael’s are created equal….I already have most of what they have in stock….so I guess I still get to drive 40 mins to get things this one doesn’t carry! Grrrr…been waiting over 1.5 yrs for it to open, as the date kept getting pushed ahead….then to be so disappointed with the selection :(. I wanted to buy a new cart or two for my expression, the new one’s require the universal over lay….I seen one in the M’s on the other side of Hamilton, not in Ancaster or Cambridge which are closer to me, and def. not my own :( I also have wanted the scoring mat and tool since they came out and none of my M’s carry them, if they do they are NEVER in stock. I am also very disappointed that in Canada we can’t use the coupons towards the cricut products….I have to wait for sales to get replacement items or cartridges, I love my cricut and cuttlebug to pieces but I really want an electric cuttlebug as it gets quite painful cranking the handle, I have wedding invites to makes and the butterfly I need to cut out is a spellbinders die. I love love love my metal die’s and would rather cut them out than fuss about with the cricut because I love the crisp clean embossed edges. Michael’s, I’m in Brantford, ON Canada and I would love it if you would carry the items I want, or let me know if I can ask the manager to have the items I want from other stores shipped into mine, I have a list of items I want and can’t afford to keep driving for upteen miles to get them, leaving me less money to spend due to the inflated gas prices, and not be able to use coupons on different products to help me get what I want as well. It sucks :( And ohhh yaaa…I want a silhouette also, I hear it’s amazing, I’ve seen so many projects I’d love to create with it that I just know I wouldn’t be able to do with a cricut….it’s better than any cricut so far. No more searching through over 90 cartridges to see if I have a specific cut, not that I could part with my cricut stuff, lol!! Sry for the rant…..I really do love Micheal’s, they have way over half of my money I should have shares in the company, LMBO!!

    • Cricutguru

      I’d say this is exactly the reason M’s has [finally] gotten on the bandwagon & opened! The Explore will (at some future date…..>.< ) have the programing in place to do things like allow you to cut from photos, which is the only thing that I can think of right now that the Explore doesn't do (you can use fonts already on your computer, etc).

  • Dela Bone

    Since the new Cricut Explore requires that you be connected to a computer, can you use an iphone 5
    and wi-fi?

    • Cricutguru

      So far, no, but I hear they’re thinking about it…

  • LaVerne Pretorius

    Does anybody know how this machine compare with the Silhouette Cameo machine????

    • Cricutguru

      Originally, people loved the Cricuts because they weren’t completely computer based (see Melva’s question above) – they could ‘plug and play’ without needing to learn the rather comlpicated Cameo program first. The Explore, in my opinion, is still easier than the Cameo, but I’m other people have different opinions…

  • Dottie

    1612 Barcus Dr.

    I have waited years to purchase just the right machine. JoAnn’s give demonstrations but not unless you have already purchased the machine from them. At least that was the policy several years ago. I have watched demonstrations online but still not convinced. There is a product by Brother called Scan n Cut which really facinates me. I don’t think Michaels or JoAnn’s carries Brother products. I am wondering if anyone can give a comparison…Cricuit vs. Scan n Cut. Is there anyone out there who has seen the demonstrations for Scan n Cut? Will Michaels or JoAnn’s eventually carry the Brother product?

    • Jenna

      Joann’s is starting to carry scanncut. I own a scanncut (bought directly from Brother online) and a cricut (personal). I was not aware I could download my own JPEGs to cricut explore. That’s why I got the scanncut, so I can make my own images. If you’re not into quilting or needing to cut material, I would stick with the cricut explore. Plus it’s way cheaper!

    • Cricutguru

      I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about Scan n Cut, so I can’t help you with that question…..

  • Melva

    I will be keeping my old Cricut which I love. I am on a computer for 9 to 10 hours a day for work. The last thing that I want to do is come home and use a computer for crafting. My computer will never be in my craft space.

    • Cricutguru

      To be completely honest, I agree with you! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how the computer programs work – since I teach those classes, too! ;-)

  • http://msn Diana

    Saw that it will cut fabric, but can it cut felt, the lighter type?

    • Cricutguru

      The best results have always been to cut the felt that is on the bolts – the fibers used are longer in that type and that gives it more stability as the Cricut Blade passes through it – it’s the same idea as cutting the cotton fabric with using an iron-on stabilizer.
      Hope that helps!

  • Rosie Cortinas

    Well I like cricut machines up until I was introduced to the Silhouette its much , mush better and you don’t have to buy images all you have to do is get them from google and place on your mat. to print and cut If you love to design and have all the plus Id relay recommend buying a silhouette instead of a cricut explore.There is so much you can do and the design studio is very user friendly.

  • Kristy Dziurgot

    I have the wifi adapter. Will I be able to use it with the explore?

    • Cricutguru

      In the last 2 months Provocraft has finally gotten around to enabling the WiFi for the Explore – I’d go to & find out the exact directions.

  • Laura LeBlanc

    Can I replace all my cricuts with the explorer ??

  • Laura LeBlanc

    Will the Explorer replace all my other cricuts??

  • Brenda Gloude

    can I upload design space on my laptop if I already have it on my desk top?

    • Cricutguru

      Yes, you can go to and get the directions to do that – as I remember, they’ll let you use it on 2 computers for just that very reason!

  • Cricutguru

    I suppose that depends entirely on you & what you want to do! The Explore is NOT a ‘stand alone’ machine – meaning you MUST have internet available. So if you go to retreats or vacations that don’t have service, you’re out of luck. Or if you share cartridges with someone (I know a lot of families/friends who’ll take turns buying a cart & then get together to share them), then you’re out of luck again because cartridges must be loaded onto Design Space to be accessed and once it’s loaded, you can’t ‘unload’ it [you can transfer carts from CCR to Design Space, but as I understand it, you then can’t access them from CCR any longer… Hope that helps!

  • Cricutguru

    Take at look at the previous post – the anawer depends upon you!

  • Isabel

    I have the deep cut attachment and a scoring tip for the Cricut 2. Can you use them on the Cricut Explorer? or do I have to purchase the ones that they are selling for the Cricut Explorer??

  • Katlyn

    I just bought a cartridge for explore and when I go to link it to the design space it just stays on the linking pop up but never does anything.

  • Gena

    I am looking at the Cricut Explore and while I know it is not built for this (does not have foodsafe plastic and stainless steel parts), I was wondering if it could be used to cut gumpaste or sugar sheets if thoroughly cleaned each time? I had originally wanted the Cricut Cake, but without the ability to upload my own images to cut, it strongly hinders my creativity and ability to make custom cakes. Any suggestions or thoughts?

    • Jillian

      Unfortunately Gena, I can not recommend it to cut those materials since it is not food safe.