7 Muffin Pan Hacks That Make Cooking Easy

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It’s a standard staple in most kitchens…possibly passed down from moms or grandmas. Lying there among cookie trays and casserole dishes sits the humble muffin pan.

Sure you pull it out to make cupcakes for birthdays or muffins for Sunday morning, but the muffin pan can actually be a handy tool in the kitchen. From flavored ice cubes to edible bowls, the muffin pan will no doubt become your favorite kitchen tool after you learn about these eight muffin pan hacks!

1. Fresh Squeeze

Freshen up pitchers of lemonade or bowls of punch with fruit-infused ice cubes made in a muffin pan. Simply fill the muffin pan cavities with water and top with slices of lemon, oranges, or a handful of your favorite berries. They’ll make your drinks taste (and look) great!

2. Here’s the Scoop…

When summer rolls around, we all scream for ice cream! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just a family dinner, let guests create their own delicious ice cream concoctions with an ice cream bar set up in a muffin pan. Fill the cavities with crushed cookies, sprinkles, gummies, candies and more. You could also do this for cupcake decorating or cookie decorating parties, too.

3. Moo-ve Over, Cupcakes…

Meatloaf just got a makeover! Forget the loaf pan…now you can make tasty meatloaf “cupcakes” topped with mashed potato “icing” for a fun meal that kids and adults will love. Hosting a party? Use a mini muffin pan to make little meatloaf appetizer bites. You can find our favorite meatloaf cupcake recipe here.

4. Go Cookie Crazy!

No one likes doing the dishes, so why not serve dessert in bowls you can eat? Flip that muffin pan over and use this tasty Cookie Bowl recipe to make mini cookie bowls that are great for serving everything from mousse to ice cream.

5. Rise and Dine

Make Sunday brunch even more fun with these cute mini frittatas. The great thing about making frittatas in your muffin pan is that you can mix and match flavors and toppings so everyone has a flavor combination they love.

6. Something to Taco Bout

Hosting Taco Tuesday this week? Create your own hard-shell taco holder by turning your muffin pan over and stacking your hard-shell tacos between the cavities. Fill all the tacos at once and serve them in the muffin pan for quick grab n’ go tacos that won’t fall over!

7. Let’s be Frank…

The best part of any hot dog or burger is the condiments! Relish, ketchup, mustard, and mayo can all be organized and served in a muffin pan. A great hack for a summer BBQ or cookout, this condiment bar is a space saver and time saver…and great for holding all your favorite toppings and dipping sauces.

Condiment Muffin Pan Hack


So next time you’re hosting a party or dinner for family and friends, let your muffin pan come to your aid. From organizing condiments to creating small one-person meals, the muffin pan can help make cooking, baking and entertaining so much easier!

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