7 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Each Spring, we continue to see embellished Easter eggs topping the DIY trend charts. Personally, I like to challenge myself to decorate the most creative Easter eggs and Pinterest has exposed me to more and more ideas each year. My problem is time… I’m sure you can all relate. I want beautiful, easy eggs. And, I just hate to go through all the work decorating and then a couple of days later … YUM! This Easter, I chose to decorate with craft-able eggs that will last year after year. I plan to accent the décor in my house, my Easter table setting and simply just have fun making them!

Let me show you some fun, fast and easy ways to craft all kinds of eggs available at Michaels.

1. The Chalkboard Egg

chalk-eggThese come ready to decorate. If you make a mistake… no problem, wipe off and redo! What a perfect way to mark your guests spot at your Easter table  brunch.

Easter Table Place Setting

 2. The Bunny Egg

Egg BunniesSay no more… kids will love this crafted bunny. The best part is the candy placed in the middle!

3. The Modern Art Egg


This egg is simply Mod Podge® and tissue squares. It shines, pops with color and is a great base for a black sharpie. Imagine the results… stained glass!

4. The Metallic Egg

A color trend that is emerging everywhere these days, why not on eggs? Simply apply Rub ‘n Buff® to these plastic craft-able eggs and you’ll have everyone exclaiming “I want it now”!

Rub n' Buff Eggs

5. The Marbleized Egg

Marbelized EggHere’s a fun one to do with the kids. Pour a little paint into a plastic tub and roll plastic eggs to your marbled desire.

6. The Sequin Egg

Sequin EggRemember seeing this at grandma’s house? Well, today we just color blocked a Styrofoam® egg for a bit of modern with memories and reflection on the past.

7. The Terrarium Egg

Terrarium EggCreate a miniature scene inside Celebrate It™ Easter Egg Ornaments with moss and mini chenille chicks. Hang them from branches or even your Easter wreath. 

All the products used above can be found at your local Michaels store.  Now that you are inspired, go craft some eggs, eggs and more eggs! Share your creations with us on Pinterest & Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels. Happy egg decorating!

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