5 Trendy Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $15

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valunder1501I love the day for love! I love my friends, my parents, my silly nephews, my wonderful hubby, and I love my pets. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my wallet, too. While I’d love to buy them everything their little hearts desire, sometimes you just have to find easy – and fun – DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank. Here’s a few ideas that shouldn’t cost more than about $15 each.


For my friends, I’d make a few super cute t-shirts. Check out this idea using a bit of light colored lace on a dark t-shirt. Give them to your friends early so they can wear them on Valentines!


For my nephews, I love this piggy bank idea! I’d call it their “Love To…” fund so they can save up, and we can do a fun activity that they’d “Love To Do” later in the year when it gets a bit warmer.


For Mom, I’d give her flowers. How cute is this ribbon vase idea?! I’d make her something like this and add a fun daisy so she could set it on her desk at work and have a bright, cheery day.


For the hubby, we love to share little love notes to each other. This chalkboard frame idea is perfect. Just the right amount of space to make each other smile.


Finally, my fur-babies. What better way to say “I Ruff You” with a tasty treat! Of course, they’ll never know the jar is the gift, but they will sure love the puppy cookies inside!

There are many more fabulous Valentine’s Day Ideas in our Made with Love Lookbook as well. Go ahead – fall in love – with Valentine’s Day!



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  • Love these ideas I just need ideas on what to do for hubby!!!

    • Lacey Hart

      What husband doesn’t like something tasty to eat?
      Try using a heart shaped baking pan to make a wonderful cake the two of you can share.Or using Wilton candy melts and some heart shaped molds make him some colorful candies.

    • niu

      Me too.

    • Micki

      My husband’s all-time favorite Valentine’s gift… A heart shaped pizza!

  • LLL

    I think the grey tee with white lace heart is adorable. I think I’ll add red handprints if my girls in two hearts on a shirt for me. I can wear it on Go Red for Women (2/7) and on Val Day. Perfect!!

  • Karen Massaro

    I can’t get the link to the puppy cookies to work. Would like to make some since all of my family & friends are dog lovers. Any suggestions?