Michaels Makers 2015 Dream Tree Challenge Reveal

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Today is the day we know you’ve all been waiting for… the 4th Annual Dream Tree Challenge Reveal! It’s our one-of-a-kind holiday kick off and our Michaels Makers have been working tirelessly to create the trees of their dreams. This year we have 50 hand-crafted, gorgeous trees that will simply take your breath away.

As if this post could get any better … You could win a $1,000 Michaels Gift Card in our Spruced Up Tree Sweeps! Submit photos of your decorated tree and fill out an entry form to be entered for the chance to win.

Now let’s have a look at those Dream Trees!

After seeing our Makers’ trees, I know you’ll feel inspired to kickstart your holiday decorating. From now until November 14, you can get FREE shipping on all Christmas trees that are 6ft or taller on Michaels.com.

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  • Leona Scott Weaver

    am I crazy? where are the other 26 trees?

    • They’re trickling in slowly Leona. Please check back as more Makers add their trees to our link up!

  • Wonderful inspiration and gorgeous trees! Thanks for putting this together for us to drool over!

  • Alana

    I love these….and would love to join in. I have just made my own Christmas tree out of driftwood http://threadbarecloak.com/diy-projects/diy-project-driftwood-christmas-tree.html

  • Clara O’Connell

    Do you have to make your own tree, or can you just decorate a bought one?

  • Michelle Renee Anderson

    Jillian I have looked at every Michaels in my area for the antler picks on a few of the trees and I can’t find them anywhere…please help!!

    • Let me do some digging! Where are you located Michelle?

      • Michelle Renee Anderson

        OMG!! That’s the one!! I am in Wichita, Kansas. We have two stores in our area and I can’t find them :(

    • Ok Michelle, I have found a pick with antlers in our floral section. Here is a rough photo. I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but if so, call your local store and check inventory on SKU 10425836.

      • Michelle Renee Anderson

        That’s it Jillian!! Gosh I sure hope I can get some :)

      • Michelle Renee Anderson

        I got some today Jillian, I had to drive almost 3 hours to get them but if it wasn’t for you posting this pic and giving me the SKU# I would have never found them. Thank you so so much for your help!!

      • I’m so happy you got them! Please share photos of your tree with us and be sure to enter our Spruced Up Tree Sweeps too!


  • Joe Davis

    I want to give kudo’s to Faith at Myrtle Beach Store#2056! I had a issue with a portrait that a had to get dry mounted and UPS even damage the second one that she ordered on her own dime! So on the 3rd one that she ordered on her own dime she made sure that I was a satisfied customer! I thank you Faith for going over the TOP to make sure that I was completely satisfied! Thank you Faith!

    • Thanks for sharing with us Joe. I am so happy Faith could make your day.

      • Joe Davis

        Thank you!

  • The trees were all amazing this year! So much inspiration!

  • Couples Challenges

    Hey, Christmas friends =]

    It’s December and the Christmas season is here!! Do you need a bit of Christmas inspiration?

    You will be decorating your Christmas Tree anyway so why not take a picture of you and your tree and send it to us for your chance to win our monthly challenge =] Whatever kind of tree you’re having we’d love to see a picture! It doesn’t have to be the biggest, or have lots of expensive baubles dangling from the branches. We think all Christmas trees are great and a lot of fun!

    Spread some holiday cheer! Share a photo of your dream tree and encourage your friends to do the same!

    Start Date: 01.12.2015
    End Date: 27.12.2015

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    Read more at: http://coupleschallenges.com/challenges/2-the-christmas-tree-challenge/ =]

  • Sandra Gibson

    Have the winners been announced?

    • All of our Michaels Makers that participated in the Dream Tree Challenge were winners Sandra. We challenged them to create the tree of their dreams!