15 DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Have you ever seen the clear glass and plastic ornaments at Michaels and wondered how you could decorate them? There are tons of ways to embellish these ornaments and turn them into pretty little things, but mostly, it’s a great project to do with your family or girlfriends!

Hi, my name is Micheline. I am the very lucky girl who actually gets to craft and demonstrate my passion through numerous Medias in Québec, Canada and into the Michaels Stores of that French speaking province. I am thrilled to participate on this blog today about Christmas decorations and hope to inspire you into making your own original and fun DIY Christmas ornaments.

Creative Fillings

Don’t we all love a craft with our children that involves no glue, no paint, no glitters, no mess, yet, tons of pleasure?! Make sure to get the plastic ornaments and watch the young ones fill them! You can also use food: coffee beans, popcorn, small candy… Be creative!

1. Pearls or Beads

Beads DIY Christmas Ornament

You can pick up beads from our jewelry department or give new life to an old and broken piece of jewelry.

2. Pom Poms

PomPom DIY Ornament

Colorful pom poms show great texture through the clear ornament and are super kid-friendly.

3. Feathers

Feather Ornament

For a more sophisticated look add feathers. Spice things up with Stenciled Feathers.

Faux Snow

These next 3 ornaments have one thing in common: fake snow. You get it by the bag at Michaels in the seasonal department. There are different textures and sizes of flakes available, some even with iridescent sprinkles. My favorite snow for ornament filling is the “Flurries” (Buffalo Snow) that looks like tiny pieces of Styrofoam.

4. Miniature Fir Trees

Fir Trees

To make the mini trees hold in the bottom of the ornament, I put a drop of hot glue under each and used tweezers to delicately go through the opening. I added the snow last.

5. Mini Bird on a Branch

Snow Cardinal Ornament

I did the same thing with the cardinal, using tweezers to hot glue it to the branch I had previously inserted in the ball.

6. Jewelry Garland

Jewelry Garland Ornament

For this one, I used a wire garland with pretty beads that I shortened with cutters and inserted into the flat ornament. Before putting the cap back on, I inserted a few beads and twisted the wire around the cap to have them hanging in the middle. I used Glitter Glue to write “Noël” on the surface.


Make a memorabilia ornament that will remind you every year of a special vacation, trip or activity that you did.

7. Vacation Sand & Seashells

Vacation Memory Ornament

I love how this one turned out with the rope wrapped around the top.  Don’t forget to identify the year on the ornament. For mine, I made a banner out of cardstock, and glued it on with a hot glue gun. You could write it on with a Sharpie marker too. Cherish other memories for years to come such as special concert tickets, petals of your bridal bouquet, etc. * Tip: When heavy items are place in an ornament, glue the cap on with hot glue to prevent damage!

Inside Out

The next 3 will show my favorite technique: Decorate the ornaments from the inside! It’s long-lasting because the paint, wax, alcohol ink, or glitter will never chip off.

8. Acrylic Paint Minion

DIY Minion Ornament

Any brand of craft paint will work for these ornaments. You can choose a specific color for a specific project (like this yellow Minion) or to match your home décor. You can also mix different colored paints together for a beautiful marbled effect. I had a special request from my daughter for this ornament. All we did was pour a bit of yellow craft paint directly inside the ornament, then shook it and turned it until it was fully covered. We then patiently let it dry by hanging it upside down on a stick planted in a Styrofoam block. The eye was printed off the Internet (type “Minion” in Google images!), cut around and glued into a soft drink bottle cap. I added a drop of Glossy Accents clear medium to give the eye a shine. I then glued the cap on a ribbon and attached to the ornament with hot glue. Lastly, I drew the smile with a Sharpie marker and added the yarn strands of hair.

9. Swirled Wax

Melted Crayon Ornament

Cut little pieces off different colored wax crayons with a craft knife and insert them into the glass ornament. Use your hair dryer at its hottest setting or an embossing gun and heat the ball.  I highly recommend that you wear gloves or use pliers to hold the ornament – it will get HOT! As the crayon bits start to melt, turn the ornament slowly in all directions to make swirls of different colors. Once dry, you can fill the ornament with ribbon, fake snow or glitter (see number 10).

10. Glittered

Glittered Ornament

If you love a nice sparkly & shimmering ornament, then you’ll love this amazing technique. The very best glue to completely glitter-coat the inside of your ornament is called Glitter-It! by Beacon. It is a very liquid glue, almost like water, that you pour into the ornament (fill about 1/5 of it). Slowly turn the ball to make sure every spot is covered and then pour out the excess in a little plastic cup, letting it drip well. You will reuse this glue for your next ornament. Now comes the exciting part! Pour fine glitter directly into the ball. I use a lot, but recuperate more than half after. Start shaking and turning the ornament and the glitter will stick to the inside surface. Pour out the excess on a sheet of paper that you can funnel back into the glitter bottle. Voilà!

11. Alcohol Ink + Glitter

Alcohol Ink + Glitter

I just LOVE the effects we can produce with these two techniques combined. Oh, the possibilities! First, put a few drops of the color of your choice of alcohol ink in the ornament. It is made to be permanent on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic or photo paper. Turn and swirl the ball to disperse the ink. It will dry quickly, but when you put drops of a second color, the alcohol will reactivate the ink and the colors will blend together creating beautiful swirls. If you blow in the ornament while the ink is still wet, it will make nice designs as well. You can stop with this step and hang the ornament as-is, or add the glitter technique as mentioned above once your alcohol inks are dry.

Adorned & Embellished

And finally, decorate ornaments on the outside surface. You can also recycle old ornaments with these techniques.

12. Dimensional Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint Ornament

I used the neon color kit of Slick® fabric paint by Tulip® for these ornaments. The bottles have a nice applicator with a fine tip so it’s easy to write directly on the surface of the ornaments. I like how the lines stay “puffy” and almost a bit sticky after they’re dried.

13. Transparent Glass Paint

Glass Paint Ornament

Using a foam spouncer, you can add a subtle colored texture to your ornaments with the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Transparent Gloss Glass Paint. Imagine how pretty the lights in your Christmas tree will shine through these beautiful delicate glass balls! Add a little bit of opaque metallic paint to your spouncer for a special shine.

14. Rhinestone Stickers

Rhinestone Sticker Ornament

If you are inspired by our Crystal Elegance Christmas line this year for your décor, you will want to add all that extra bling to your tree! You can find rhinestone stickers by Recollections® on a sheet – they are pre-placed in a pretty shape and all you need to do is cut to desired size, peel and stick on the ornament!

15. Snow Tex

Snow Tex Ornament

Snow Tex can be found in the adhesive section of Michaels. It’s so fun to create snow with this dimensional medium. This thick stucco-like paste can be applied with a brush or sponge directly on the surface and it dries quickly to a hard finish. I can guarantee that this is one ornament in which the cap will never fall off!

I could show you dozens of other ways to decorate these ornaments, but I think you get the picture! Go out there, be creative and most of all – have fun decorating! Show us your DIY Christmas Ornaments on Instagram and Pinterest by tagging them with #JustAddMichaels!

Joyeux Noël from Quebec, Canada!

- Micheline


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  • Ornament #6 Jewelry Garland
    Beautiful ornaments! Especially love this #6 ornament and would like to make it. Really don’t understand how you twist the wire around the cap to have beads hanging. Can you give me more detailed directions to make this ornament? Thanks.

  • Alison Brown

    Very innovative ideas !! These ornaments will look very prepossessing on Christmas eve. Hanging these ornaments on the Christmas tree will create an eye-catching view.

  • Genevieve Anne-Terese Paquette

    I attempted to do some planet inspired ornaments using these glass balls, carefully painting them from the inside. The next morning, I discovered that all but one had cracked. I tried again, being even more cautious, but the next day, three more of the second set had cracks near the opening. Can anyone explain why that might have happened? I used cheap acrylic (also from Michaels). Would that have had something to do with it?

    • Jillian Rose

      I’m sorry to hear that Genevieve! Was it the paint that cracked or the glass ornament?

      • Genevieve Anne-Terese Paquette

        The glass ornament.

      • Jillian Rose

        Oh no! We’re very sorry that happened. Can you email me images of the products at bowmanj@michaels.com? We’d like to investigate further!

      • Genevieve Anne-Terese Paquette

        Thank you very much for the address. I’ll do that!

  • Kayla

    I tried to put paint mine inside. I used acrylic paint from dollarama. Set it upside down overnight and now I have this.

    • Jillian Rose

      Kayla, I’m so sorry that happened! We can’t speak for that particular paint, but sometimes if it is too thin or not formulated for a glass surface things like this can happen. I would recommend trying again with glass paint!

  • PenelopeB52

    The paint will not stick to the inside if there is any dust/oil residue.Almost all ornaments have this on the inside.You must rinse ALL new balls inside with rubbing alcohol or using small brush dish soap and rinse/dry well. Doing this first saves the heartbreak and expense.

  • KarenInTheWoods

    I am looking for 12 more of the plastic egg/oval shaped ornaments like you used in number 6… do happen to have any left? I called Michaels both local and on their website and they are out of them till next easter. I am glueing them to a string of LED lights for our camper awning. I need 12 more. Cant find them anywhere else! ack! Karen pfundt@gmail.com

    • Hi Karen! Unfortunately, the egg shape ornament is a seasonal item so we will not have any in stock until next Spring. We will have other shapes coming to stores soon for our holiday season. I hope you are able to find something similar that will fit for your needs. I’d love to see the finished project; sounds fun!

  • Debra Kramer

    I made some of these clear plastic ornaments and put nail polish on the inside of them and they turned out beautiful. On the outside I used paper or plastic stickers. I want to know if you have any ideas how to seal the stickers on to the plastic ornaments that is high gloss and clear?

  • katherine kim

    I really love number 7 only because I just gave birth to my first baby girl and it has been an amazing crazy yearfor me. A baby and even getting married. Any suggestions on an memorabilia ornament? I really do like how you use the rope around the ornament but no trips to the beach for me and the baby any time soon

    • When my son was born we created a footprint ornament using a clay kit like this one: http://www.michaels.com/creatology-handprint-ornament-kit/10268097.html

      Of course anything with baby’s name and “First Christmas” would be great.

      • katherine kim

        That is cute but I was looking for something to put in a empty glass ornament like how you used sand I was thinking something similar but baby related

      • Michaels does carry snap ornaments that open all the way up. You could put a newborn picture inside with some faux snow or pom poms for a wintery look!

      • Slinkadoo

        I saw this on Pinterest! Thought it was great! It has the little cap from the hospital, the ID tags, a baby bracelet, etc.

  • Marlene

    For #10, how did you do the snowflake?

    • She used an adhesive stencil and glass paint!

  • Jeremy Wiskow

    Valuable piece ! For what it’s worth , if someone requires a Selena Spear Bayless Scholarship Application Form , my kids filled out and faxed a fillable document here http://goo.gl/LrGFGF