10 Rainbow Loom® Birthday Party Ideas

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If you haven’t heard by now, the Rainbow Loom® is THE hottest new kid’s craze in town. I’ve seen Rainbow Loom – wearing children every place I go. Heck, I even see adults rocking the colorful rubber band bracelets.

Since looming is the all the rage right now, I’ve rounded up some colorful ideas on how to host a really rad Rainbow Loom Birthday Party.

#1 Invitations

Set the theme for your rainbow – inspired party with colorful invitations. Customize your own invites online to make them uniquely yours. Plus, who can resist chevrons and rainbows?rainbow invite

#2 Décor

Creating a backdrop really sets the scene for a party. They make a great focal point for the dessert table and are are an easy way to “decorate” without having to drape streamers, pom poms and balloons across your entire home. Gwynn over at Gwynn Wasson Designs has three ah-mazing rainbow backdrops. They’re all so fun; I’m not sure I could pick just one.rainbow backdrops

#3  Rainbow Loom Station

Set up a bracelet making station with bowls of rubber bands filled with every color of the rainbow. What a great idea from Mom of 6!

Rainbow Loom Station

#4 Rainbow Wearables

Encourage your friends to bring plain white t-shirts or sneakers and spray a rainbow onto them with Tulip® Fabric Spray.

Rainbow Sneakers

#5 Rainbow Popcorn Snacks

Everyone loves popcorn, but I think it’s even better with a little chocolate drizzled on top! Check out this delicious treat made by Wants & Wishes.

rainbow popcorn

#6 Rainbow Cookies

Sweet Sugar Belle designed these fun rainbow cookies that can be personalized with each guests name.

Sweet Sugar Belle Rainbow Cookies

#7 Rainbow Cake

How fun is this cake? It looks a little daunting to make, but it’s not. I made one last year and it was super simple!

rainbow cake

 #8 Custom Water Bottle Labels

Your guests will surely need to wash all of that popcorn and cake down with a nice cold beverage. Print these labels from Wants & Wishes and stick them on. What an easy way to incorporate your theme!

water bottle labels

#9 Rubber Band Party Favors

Kiddos are addicted to looming, so there’s no doubt that you’ll make their day with favor boxes full of extra rubber bands to take home. Get these fun favor printables from Mom of 6.

Party Favors

#10 Thank You Notes

It’s never too early to learn the importance of sending a thank you note. Make this card with your child to thank all of the guests that came to your party.

thank you note


Do you have a Rainbow Loom? Share your rainbow inspiration with us on Pinterest by tagging @MichaelsStores!


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  • Christine

    Very cute card at the end! I also like the rubber bands by color in the containers for everyone to share.

    • I love, love love this birthday party idea! My favourites were the background scenes! BEAUTIFUL! My little girl would surely love that party! I know what I am doing for her party!

  • I love this! The coloured containers are so amazing!

  • Latoya R

    I am currently planning my daughters bday party. She had two ideas Minions and Rainbow Loom. Unfortunately she did not pick the Rainbow Loom. I wish I had seen this when she was making her decision. If Rainbow Loom is still a big thing next year, we’re going with it. But then again it doesn’t necessarily have to be just for a bday. These ideas can be used for a sleepover, end of school year party or a fun summer party. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Gina

    An idea for wearables – we did this for the rainbow-themed party my DD had a few years ago: We divided the guest list as evenly as we could through the colors of the rainbow (skipping indigo). Each invite was mounted to a different color card stock and wording used on the invite said, “Please wear a shirt the color of your invitation”. We had a fun, colorful party and the photos were so much fun, too.

    • Jillian

      I love that idea Gina! So clever!

  • Brenda

    What great ideas! love them all.

  • mary ann

    Where do you get the rainbow loom hooks that you show for the party favors? We are going to do a rainbow loom party for my daughter in 2 weeks.

    • Jillian

      We don’t have the hooks sold separately right now Mary Ann, but perhaps you can visit Mom of 6’s blog post for more ideas!


    • Tricia

      You could buy a regular crochet hook too if they don’t sell them seperately.

    • Julia

      You can order separate hooks at the rainbowloom website

  • Love them all, very cute and attractive everything I liked the #5 attractive and creative presentation.

  • This whole idea is amazing! Gina, I love your idea! That is genius. But, with this party, there should be actual Rainbow Looming involved. My little 5 year old twins love to Rainbow Loom. And as a mother, this would be a great party for them!

  • How many early elementary size shoes will one package of Tulip Spray cover? I need to know how many packages to buy!

    • Jillian


      That depends on how much coverage you’re getting on the shoes and which size of spray you get. In my experience a little goes quite a way. You may want to start with one bottle and see. Good luck!

  • Guest

    nice idea i love rainbow loom

  • kayla

    nice idea