Patriotic Sugar Cookie DIY by Sweet Sugarbelle

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Fourth of July is often celebrated in the company of family and friends alongside great food and sweet treats. Why not make the holiday even more memorable with beautifully decorated sugar cookies? Today Sweet Sugarbelle is here to show you a sugar cookie DIY!

Sugar cookie DIY by Sweet Sugarbelle

Sugar cookies take a little time to make, but with Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Kit, it has never been easier.

Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Set

To make these delicious delights you will need:

Now, let’s get started!


Following the directions and recipe included in the Shape Shifter Kit, bake enough heart shaped cookies to feed your crowd. Feel free to use your own cut-out cookie recipe if you have one!

Sweet Sugarbelle Sugar Cookie Recipe

Maker Tip: Use rolling pin rings, or 1/4 square dowel rods on either side of the dough to create perfectly even cookies.


Use the Wilton Color Right System to color and prepare royal icing for decorating. Red and the winter formula for blue that’s included in the kit are perfect for this project.

Keep in mind, you may have to reduce the ratio of color depending on the amount of royal icing required. Start small and work your way up if the color isn’t quite dark enough, and remember to account for development. Colored icing tends to darken with time, and as it dries.

Once the icing is colored, thin it to the consistencies indicated above, and put the flood icing into bottles and piping bottle into bags with couplers and tips

Sweet Sugarbelle sugar cookie DIY


When the icing is ready, it’s time to decorate! Since there are two designs, evenly divide the heart cookies. Half will become white cookies with red stripes, the other half blue with stars. We will start with the white.

Begin by using a #2 tip to outline the cookies.

Sugar cookie DIY


Give the outline a few minutes to set up, then use white flood icing to fill the cookie. If necessary, use an offset spatula or the Sweet Sugarbelle food pick to move the icing around. Once the cookies are flooded, set them aside to dry. This might take up to eight hours, depending on the climate where you live. Royal icing tends to dry more quickly in arid climates. You must wait until the white layer is completely dry to add the red details, otherwise the colors may bleed.

Maker Tip: Using an oscillating fan to dry the cookies will create a shiny finish, and help to reduce color bleed.


When the first layer of icing is dry, use red flood icing to create stripes using a “drizzle” technique. The look of the stripes will depend on how fast you move, and the consistency of the icing. After adding stripes, wait until the cookies are completely dry. It shouldn’t take as long since the details are on top of a previously dried layer of icing.

Maker Tip: Sometimes royal icing separates over time, causing unwanted icing accidents. The Sweet Sugarbelle Bottle Spatula is the perfect tool for stirring the icing after bottling.


Creating the blue sprinkle cookies pretty much follows the same steps as above. Begin by outlining the cookies with a #2 tip.


Fill the blue outline with flood icing. Again, use an off-set spatula or food pick to smooth out the icing if necessary.


Give the blue icing a minute or two to set and then drop on a few white star sprinkles and add a light sprinkling of nonpareils and then let the cookies dry.

Sweet Sugarbelle sugar cookie DIY, Wilton sprinkles

Since cookies decorated with royal icing need time to dry, it’s best to make them a few days ahead of time. When the cookies are dry, they can be stored in an airtight container between sheets of waxed paper until you are ready to serve.

Your friends and family will be so excited to eat beautiful decorated, delicious sugar cookies at your next Fourth of July barbecue, and you will be proud to say that you made them yourself.

Now that you have entered the world of cookie decorating, what do you want to MAKE next? With the Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Kit the possibilities are endless! We want to see your DIY decorated cookie projects on Instagram, use hashtags #MakeItWithMichaels and #sweetsugarbelle so we can take a look! Happy baking!

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