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Joanna would have written a bio, but she had a pressing engagement with a dental surgeon/international spy, so this space will be filled with office scuttlebutt: • Rumor has it that, for her art school thesis project, she produced a collection of tiny corsets, made from calico and cobweb silk, to be worn by anorexic hamsters. • It is alleged that she arm-wrestled Martha Stewart in a grease pit at a county fair, and lost. • Poorly-researched reports indicate that her children have been taught to play the hurdy-gurdy to a medley of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Love Will Keep Us Together.” • Unverified accounts state that she lost a small fortune investing in a concern that developed and marketed smartphones to the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions. The final blow supposedly occurred when specially-developed hoofprint recognition software was revealed to be an abject failure. • Several slightly-disheveled witnesses state that she declines to write bios as a matter of principle, preferring instead to paint self-portraits with the cheesy sauce from macaroni & cheese. Two better-dressed witnesses dispute this account; they say it is butterscotch pudding. • The one known fact about this elusive individual is that she naps occasionally in the comfy nest of Loops & Threads yarn underneath her desk, crocheting single chains with her finger to lull herself to sleep.
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Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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Hey, I’m talking to you!  No, not you putting the finishing touches on the matching clutch for your bespoke zombie ensemble.  You.  Over there, with the folder full of bookmarked …
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9 Months ago by

There’s something special about the time spent crafting in a group.  I don’t know about you, but most of my crocheting is done alone, in the wee hours of the …
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radiant orchid
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Is the bitter winter weather wearing you down? Never fear, 2014’s Color of the Year is perfectly designed to warm your frozen fingers and toes, while leaving your insides all …
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11 Months ago by

You’re a blog reader – you know the score.  If I used the word ‘hip’ in my title (and I just did), this blog post is likely to be anything …
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diy kids costumes
1 Year ago by

It’s that time of year! No, I’m not talking about Halloween, but the week or two before — the time of year my family sets aside for that rite of …
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