Stephen is a creative Copywriter and classically trained Chef. When he is not crafting copy, Stephen enjoys reading Transgressive Fiction, watching B-Horror movies and trying out new restaurants and recipes. He finds inspiration in big ideas, music and Mid-century Modern Style. Stephen loves to travel, but is just as happy spending time at home with his family.
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8 Months ago by

I’m always on the lookout for creative project ideas, so when I came across these colorful tools I knew I had to give this project a try. Below is my step-by-step …
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DIY Dorm Decor
9 Months ago by

Back-to-school style is now in session. Learn how to take your dorm room from drab to do-it-yourself fab with these crafty decorating ideas from Michaels. Deck out your space with …
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10 Months ago by

I recently came across this cork U.S.A. wallboard on a home décor website. They were asking nearly $50 for this particular piece, but I knew I could achieve a similar look …
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1 Year ago by

I first met Dave at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’ve been a fan of his art ever since. He has worked on an impressive array of clients including …
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1 Year ago by

I’ve always liked the modern cement planters that you see on Pinterest and Etsy, so I thought it might be fun to take this on as a Guy DIY project. …
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1 Year ago by

During World War II, paracord was first used to connect paratroopers to their parachutes. Nowadays, it’s used to do things like secure tents, make tourniquets and hoist food into the …
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